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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Cup Speed

  • When: 03/15/19
  • QIC: Pavarotti
  • The PAX: Pavarotti, Disaster (WD), Illuminati, Dutch Boy, Wild Turkey (WB), Gordo, Buffalo Bill

7 Speedsters filled their cup this morning to get ready for the weekend.

The Thang:
=>Warm up mosey zig-zagging through the bus parking spaces with various exercises (forwards, backwards, sideways, Stoli skips) and then on to the sidewalk behind the elementary school

Team Cup Challenge

  • Spread out all cups on the ground (30)
  • Split into 2 teams (black vs. red)
  • 1 member of each team grabs a cup, sprints down the sidewalk, puts cup on the mat, sprints back to start racing against 1 member of the other team doing the same thing
  • Rotate through each member of the team until all cups are on the mat
  • Repeato to bring all the cups back

=>Mosey to bus lot

Partner Cup Sprints

  • Partner 1 lays out 4 cups on sidewalk, Partner 2 goes to other side of the lot
  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 sprint towards each other to exchange the cup and then sprint back to the start to get another cup
  • Repeato until all cups are on the other side of the lot
  • Repeato to bring all the cups back
  • Partners do a similar drill, but on the 200M track
  • Partners do another similar drill, but using the 4 corners of bball courts

=>Pick up cups and mosey back to the start

Stretch and catch your breath





  1. Well, the weather held up for the 45 minutes we were out there. It was a little slick, so we attempted some longer drills to avoid quick starts and stops. We did have a few graceful slides, but no sidewalk monsters made an appearance.
  2. Speaking of no appearance, that’s right, Stoli was MIA again.
  3. We are really starting to get some regulars at Speed. Way to work, all! And keep coming back. Illuminati will take the reins next Friday.
  4. Regular MCP workout tomorrow. Sandman has the Q. Highland Creek 5k is tomorrow too. You can still sign up!
  5. If you’d like to sponsor the Highland Creek swim team (it’s for the kids), then reach out to Illuminati for details.
  6. Finally, prayers for Buffalo Bill and his aunt who he recently took in to take care of her. We should all take notice. Love those right in front of you.




  1. Disaster

    @Gordo, sorry to announce that the Highland Creek Swim Team will not be putting out a swimsuit calendar this year.

    @Pavarotti, great lead this morning. The competition really pushed everybody to the next level today. I am completely worn out, and I didn’t even compete in all of the sets.

  2. Dutch Boy

    I’ll say it again, I really despise speed during those 45 minutes but feel great about it afterwards. Great lead today @pavarotti.

    And great to see our man @buffalobill back in action. True #HIM

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