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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Who picked this music?

  • When: 03/14/19
  • QIC: AstroVan
  • The PAX: Forgotten Jelly, Opie, 10 & 2, Hammer, Robins Nest, Town & Country, French Lick (MN), Avalanche, Ranger, AstroVan

With the mention “not a ton of running” (grading on a scale, I usually have more running) and some different toys (exercise toys) to play with, PAX from as far as Minnesota showed up in the Gloomy shadow of Cox Mill Elementary. 8 Men headed off on a mosey to the upper school, narrowly avoiding the speeding SUV driven by Tuesday’s Q, Avalanche. My “not a ton of running” claim was immediately called into question by Robin’s Nest as we headed to the High School.

Pulled up in the teachers lot for the standard AstroVan warmarama. In the middle, we became 9 with the arrival of Avalanche
Cotton Pickers
Tempo Squats
Tempo Merkins
Plank Jacks
Arm Circles

Mosey to the preset workout area to start today’s circuit.
Run a Lap – This was the timer
Battle Ropes
Weighted Sled Push
Shoulder Press and Curls with Cinder Blocks
Farmer’s Carry
Tire Flips
Clean and Press with Cinder Blocks

We made it through 2 full circuits and added another PAX along the way in Opie, who appeared out of thin air and just got to work, bringour the PAX number to 10. Somewhere in the middle of the Random workout playlist we chose for the workout, the Explicit filter on Amazon Music turned itself off. Sorry if anyone was offended by some choice language emanating from the Bluetooth Speaker.

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag, pulling in at exactly 6:15, just like I planned it ;).

Namearama and COT followed

– Happy Hour, 7PM, Monday at Pippa’s Cafe
– Don’t forget about The Mineshaft the Saturday at 7 AM

– Thanks for having me out this morning! Nice work out there today. Hope everyone got what they were looking for.
– Weather is getting nice! Reach out to your buddies and get them out working out with you.


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