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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Merkin Mania

  • When: 03/13/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: The Body, Big Tuna, Chum, Stoli (Highlands), Randy G. (FNG-Hornet), Rice-a-Roni, Convoy, High Chair, Othello,

When you have to Q twice in one week you look in your bag-o-tricks and pull out the first thing you see….aaahhhh, an oldie but goodie from last year.  Let’s do it!!  Today’s Q was really a bastard-ized version from an old friend, Clueless, at The Ridge who has been doing this BD as an annual event over the last 4 years.  I am now following this trend for Mint Hill, to much of my fellow Pax’s dismay 🙂

0525, folks start gathering and what is this?  an FNG (Randy) with a fellow Highlands Pax (Stoli). We  engage in all of the pleasantries but YHC is nervous because this beatdown can be pretty tough and we don’t want to scare off the new guy.  Heck, that’s The Body’s job! Ha!

A good “Disclaimer” was given to all in attendance, especially the FNG – Modify, modify, modify!

Before we took off we did a little Warm-o-Rama
SSH x10 (x denotes “the proper” cadence)
Mosey over to the front of the school by the lights.

The Mania = The Thang
Prison Merkin x10 – 60 yd sprint up the track to the other side/island, Line hops recovery
Wide Fly Merkin x10 – 60 yd backpedal,  Side Squat recovery|
Diamond Merkin x10 – 60 yd sprint, Air Squat recovery
Oblique Knee Merkin aka Peter Parker x10 – 60 yd skip, Apolo Anton Ohno recovery
Military Merkin x10 – 60 yd sprint, Alternating Step Back Lunge recovery
Up and Under Merkin x10 – 60 yd backpedal, High Jump Twisting Abs recovery
Shoulder stretch break: Michael Phelps/Ballistic Stretches, Arm Circles, Arm sweeps/raises
Shoulder Tap Merkin x10 – 60 yd sprint, Static Lunge With Pulses recovery
Stacked Foot Merkin x10 – 60 yd skip, Air Squat recovery
Decline Merkin x10 – 60 yd sprint, Imperial Storm Troopers recovery
Incline Merkin x10 – 60 yd skip, Calf Raise recovery
Pike Merkin aka Carolina Dry Dock x10 – 60 yd sprint, Mountain Climbers recovery
Hand Release Merkin x10 – 60 yd backpedal, Plank Jack recovery

Still time?  Partner up on the track.  Partners run in opposite directions around the track, when they meet they do 10-partner Merkin slaps.  Repeato till your team reaches a total of 50.

Mosey to our “Safe Place for a little….

Mary – Round robin called in cadence


The Great Commission 5k – price increases 3/15!!  Come and support Toughskins and his church:
Convoy is going to sign up and get 1st place in his age group!!

COT – YHC took us out

1.Strong work by all this morning – lots of DFQ!  Very proud to be a part of a great group of men. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead and pushing me to be a better man.
2.  Thank you Stoli for bringing out Hornet (aka Randy G.). We look forward to having him as part of our Pax.  hornet, we hope you come out more often.  I can promise you…it won’t get any easier but you will get stronger!  Aye!
3.  The Body – great to see you!!  For those that couldn’t muster up the strength to get out of bed this gloom know that the Body was here with multiple bruised ribs and could hardly run without cradling his side.   He modified when necessary and had a strong post!  No more excuses!!
4.  Same goes for Highchair, strong post brother and way to modify throughout.  Great to see you too.
5.  Rice-a-Roni even posted on a 37 degree day!!  Woo Hoo!!  The Planets are in alignment!
6.  Convoy reminisced about his first Beat Down a few years ago when he bear crawled the entire Fire Lane – good times, good times….you’ve come a long way baby!
7.  Chum – I saw you were running a little faster than normal today, maybe you were lighter from the “cleansing” you had the other day? hhhmmmmm?  Strong work!
8.  Big Tuna is a beast.  He makes those merkins look too easy.  Way to lead the Pax this gloom, Aye!
3. Think you did a ton merkins this morning?  YOU DID!  However, not as much as Charles Linster and others.  Here’s a link to the Charles Linster story if you’re interested


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