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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Feel the Love…er….boy!

  • When: 03/11/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Head and Shoulders, Clover, Manbun, Loverboy, Othello

Loverboy, YHC’s prodigal son, came home for spring break from Chapel hill and decided to join the “old folks” for a little jaunt around the Hill this gloom.  Great to have him there but not great to see just how much faster he runs than us old guys.

One by one the Pax shows till we have 5.  We will run a 5k loop dropping off a Pax (Manbun) at the cars on the return and then continue onward for another 2 miles and change – 5.5 miles total.

Out the HT parking lot, left down 51, right down Cresthill (to the deadend and back out, right down 51 to 218 and then repeato back to the HT lot.  Drop off Manbun We continued back out the HT lot to the right down 51 until Shea Ln, turn around and head back to the HT Lot.


Announcements – The Great Commission 5k – price increases 3/15!!  Come and support Toughskins and his church:
TAP – Chum – as he gets his insides roto-rootered.  Prayers brother that all is well.

BOM – YHC took us out

1.  Was it me or was Manbun too “giddy” for today’s run?  For a guy that has not run in the past this boy is into it!!  Also, what the heck was he picking up from his front lawn and putting in the bag?  #gottoshowtoknow #IdontthinkIwanttoknow
2,  Clover-strong work as always, you are definitely ready for your 1/2 marathon!!
3.  Loverboy – you are definitely fast young jedi, oh, wait, you had to run ahead to go to the bathroom (Gremlin moment).  Got it!    Still fast…..
4.  H&S – Thanks for helping us rabbits keep the pace.  Always good conversation….


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