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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Runners vs Ruckers scavenger hunt

  • When: 03/12/19
  • QIC: YellowCake
  • The PAX: Booter, Rerun, Habs, Hop-Hunter, Talledega, Shooter, Buck, Hokie-Pokie, Evite, Pocahontas, YellowCake

YHC decided to change up our normal Tuesday morning cruise by issuing a challenge:  The cruise would be ruck-friendly; it would be a Runners Vs Ruckers scavenger hunt.  

I knew the usual runners would be there, but had no idea if any ruckers would show up.  Well, Buck and Shooter took the rucking bait.  So about 0530, the routes marked with waypoints were given to each team with instructions to take a group selfie at each waypoint and post it to the Dawghouse Slack channel.  I apologize to everyone on Slack that had to look at those pictures!  Both routes had the same number of waypoints.  The ruck route was 3 miles, while the run route was a slightly modified bird run at 5 miles.  YHC, as usual, stayed in the back of the pack keeping the coyotes away, while the greyhounds of the runners spooked a couple of deer.  The first time we passed the ruckers, they looked a little lost and said something about they didn’t know how to read a map.  The next time we saw them, they were expressing their love for runners.  They made it back, so I guess they figured out how to read a map.


Dawghouse convergence this Friday

Work at Wings of Eagles Ranch coming up Saturday 1-5pm.  It is ruck friendly!  See post from Shooter.  

Prayer requests:

Pharoah’s father-in-law

Hokie-Pokie’s mom, last week of chemo

Hop-Hunter’s wife


Thanks to Buck and Shooter for showing up, it would have been a boring challenge without a couple ruckers.  Habs kept on running like he didn’t want his picture taken.  Evite and Pocahontas, it was good meeting you.  I think Rerun, Booter, and Hop-Hunter enjoyed sprinting to the waypoints.  Or maybe they just didn’t want Talledega to feel all alone up front.  And Hokie-Pokie dropped back a time or two just to give YHC a little encouragement.  Thanks to all for coming out and playing in the gloom.  


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