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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Don’t Spew Spicy Queso at the Nantan

  • When: 03/12/19
  • QIC: Thick Burger
  • The PAX: Babyface, Big Tuna, Brutus, Deuce, Heatstroke, Morning Wood, Motown, Thick Burger

Spring is quickly approaching. The temps are stabilizing. No rain in the forecast. Where’s the QIC? Look out…he’s coming in hot!!! LET’S DO THIS!

Mosey around the parking lot…high knees, butt kickers, Frankensteins…mosey back to the YMCA entrance
SSH x 10
IW x 10
Hillbilly x 10
Good morning x 10

Mosey all the way to the far side of the church for Hill-o-rama (exercise borrowed from F3 NWIND)
Run to the top of the hill…1 merkin and 1 WW2 situp
Run to the bottom of the hill…2 merkins and 2 WW2 situps
Run back to the top…3 merkins and 3 WW2 situps
Repeato until you get to 10 merkins and 10 WW2 situps
For the overachieving early finishers, they can rotate between Al Gore and planks

Indian run back to the parking lot for some Rucksack Clipboard Dude
1 pax puts on the 20# ruck and runs around the parking lot (serving as timer)
The remaining pax complete an exercise of the runners choosing
Repeato until every has a turn at the ruck

Fire hydrants x 10
Simple donkey kicks x 10
Broken windshield wiper x 10

***with the beatdown now complete, the Nantan had to complete a series of exercises as his “payment” for a challenge that the Boondocks Pax completed. Somewhere along the lines, the rest of the pax got roped in (guilt-trip maybe?) to participating alongside the Nantan. We completed 100 reps of varied exercises***

1. Great work by everyone this morning. It felt good to be back after my recent hiatus in Indiana. The pax at F3 NWIND and F3 Indianapolis send their best wishes

2. The QIC had spicy queso dip as part of his dinner the night before. BAD CHOICE. He spent the duration of the beatdown trying not to splash merlot all over the placee. The Nantan will never realize just how close he came to getting plastered…

3. Big shout out to Brutus for not making us do burpees during Clipboard Dude. I know that it took a lot out of you to choose a different exercise for us. Greatly appreciated brother!

Thick Burger

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