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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Concord Bus Stop

  • When: 03/09/19
  • QIC: Catfish
  • The PAX: Exit, Indy, Psycho T, El Ab, Goonie, Mighty Mouse, Homeland, Mountie, TP, Private Ryan, Look Me Up, Popeye, Anvil, Spud, Captain Morgan and FNG Caleb Wilson

Warmup: Lower mall parking lot with 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies, 2 10 count Hamstring stretch and some Michael Phelps

Thang: 12 Stops the consist of one unique exercise then 12 Merkins

1. Belk Corner: 12 Dips + 12 Merkins

2. Back of JC Penney: 12 Wallups +12 Merkins

3. Lot just below Starbucks: 12 Star Jumps +12 Merkins

4. Cinema: 12 J Lows +12 Merkins

5. Other Belk Corner: Bear Crawl 12 spaces +12 Merkins

6. Food Court: 12 Burpees +12 Merkins

7. Parking Deck: Up Stairs over and down x3 (12 Floors) +12 Merkins

8. Top of Deck: Lunge Walk 12 Spaces +12 Merkins

9. Bottom of other side of Deck: 12 KGBs (IC) +12 Merkins

10. Top Hill 216: 12 Core Killera IC (Actually it was 4 count on your own per Popeye) +12 Merkins

11. Down Hill forward then Up Hill Quadraphilla x3 +24 Merkins (reduced Hill climbs because of dampness and general fatigue so doubled Merkins)

12. Return to Belk Corner: 12 Step-ups each leg +12 Merkins

Run back to ASEC and add 12 Pull-ups +12 Merkins (This one added because we had time and to make Frostbite jealous he didn’t post)

Mary under shelter had 2 minutes Homer/Marge/Low Flutter/Box Cutters, close it out with some Broga

Moleskin: Homeland took challenge of soubld digits and Indy said we posted record# for a regular Saturday workout. Group stayed together very well with some good chatter during the bus rides. When the bus stopped you could hear some complaining . Many don’t love Wallups and the consistency of Merkins left some sad. Hill 216 was not anyone’s favorite place Q switched mid Hill decent to stop at bottom not go to sidewalk as to not get in the muck. Mountie made it to sidewalk and struggled finding a dry patch to return to his friends. Many Heels were out and hopeful of a 2nd win tonight over the boys from Durham. It turns out Homeland secretly loves argyle. He trys hard to link it to the boys in Chapel Hill. Qsource rocked not because of Q who forgot his laptop and notes but because of great participation from many F3ers . I tell many people every week how much I appreciate and need F3. Have a great #NationalBeatDukeDay Lex I love you but hope you have an awfully night #GoHeels


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