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F3 MeCa | May 29, 2020

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Climbing Ladders at the Mill

  • When: 03/09/19
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: FireChicken, Gunny, TheBurg, Ragnar, SteelCannon

Six men rose to the challenge of the DRP this fine Saturday morning. Even with the overcast skies the day seemed bright and airy. Probably, because there had been minimal exposure to Backdraft this week. 

Here’s how the morning unfolded.


Mosey to Circle of Honor for:

SSH x25 IC

Hillbillies x10 IC

Cotton Pickers x10 IC

Ragnar came up lame with a calf issue and had to return to the AO. The rest of us continued on. 


Mosey to sidewalk beside the parking deck for ladder 1WWII IC:10 Muscle Ups, with a jog between. 

Mosey down Main St. to Loop and on to Bear Crawl Alley for ladder 1 Freddie Merc IC:10 Squats with Bear Crawls between. 

Mosey to Power Hill for ladder 1 Dieing Cockroaches IC:10 Burpees with Quadraphilla up the hill and Mosey down the hill. 

Indian Run back to AO. We found that a 5 man Indian Run is a challenge especially when FireChicken decides that the pace should increase with distance. 

We returned to the AO to find Ragnar doing his own work despite the leg pain. Rest and roll that calf, man. 


People’s Q core work: 10x Core Killers IC, Decinstructed LBCs x15, KGBs x20 IC, Barrel Roll Planks. 

Halfway through the planks FNG Milton joined us for the last 1.5 minutes of the beat down. We finished up with some light Broga and EHed Milton to join us a bit earlier next time. That’s OK though, he still put in more work than Backdraft, Loafer, GVegas or Flea and many others who did not post this morning. 

We then made our way to French Express and an excellent discussion about anxiety and how our relationship with Christ and each other can lessen the affect of anxiousness on our lives and those around us.  Good job Catfish.

Always an honor gentleman. 

In HIS Service,



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