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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Amerigo Vespucci Day

  • When: 03/09/2019
  • QIC: Brinkley
  • The PAX: Ranger, Sparky, Hammer, Pony Boy, Stretchy, Powerball, Robins Next, Dropcloth, Disaster, Dutch Boy, Sandman, Alcatraz, Bling, Barrister, Tootsie

15 of MECA’s finest showed up at Mallard Creek Park in the fog to celebrate Amerigo Vespucci Day.  The shovel flag was planted and everyone was in a jovial mood in anticipation of the celebration.  As a refresher for those of you who are historically challenged Amerigo Vespucci was credited for the theory that the land mass Christopher Columbus discovered was actually a new continent and not the eastern side of Asia.  In 1507, Martin Waldseemuller, a German cartographer, produced a world map using the information from Columbus and Vespucci’s travels. He named the new continent America using the Latinized form of Vespucci’s first name Americus and taking the feminized version America. This was the first use of the name America.

After the disclaimer we took a short mosey up the parking lot and back with some high knees, butt kicks and Stoli skips before circling up for:


  • SSH x15
  • Hill Billies x15
  • Plank Jack x15
  • Cotton Picker x15
  • Merkins x10


The PAX was asked to get in teams of 4 of around the same running ability.  After much discussion this was sorted out and we had three teams of 4 and one with three.  At this point YHC provided directions on the celebration activity what would involve a journey around the AO collecting clues to discover the final answer.  Each location was marked by an orange cone and a listing of three exercises and a cumulative number of repetitions to be completed by each team.  The cones had a letter on the top that needed to be unscrambled to reveal the answer.  These could be completed in any order and navigation was up to the teams.  The stations and exercises were as follows:

  1. Bike rack near the concession stand
    • 50 partner dips
    • 50 partner merkins
    • 100 LBC’s
  2. Bleachers beside soccer field #8
    • 100 Step Ups (each leg counts)
    • 100 Incline Merkins
    • 100 Reverse Crunch
  3. Split rail fence by the road to the lower park
    • 100 Squats
    • 50 Decline Merkins
    • 100 Freddy Mercury’s
  4. Playground by the school
    • 100 Side to Side hops (both legs = 1 rep)
    • 40 Pull Ups
    • 1 Minute plank
  5. Picnic shelter by the lower parking lot
    • 100 Apollo Ohno’s
    • 80 CDD’s
    • 60 WWII Sit Ups
  6. Upper corner of the soccer field parking lot
    • 100 Calf Raises
    • 40 Burpees
    • 40 Windshield Wipers (both ways = 1)
  7. Fence at the entrance to the football field
    • 50 Donkey Kicks
    • 80 Peoples Chair with arm presses
    • 50 Lunges (Both legs = 1 rep)

Once teams completed the seven stations they continued rotating among those closest to the starting point until it was time to gather for Mary.


  • Hello Dolly x15
  • The W x15
  • Barrister – The Squirm x15
  • Dropcloth  – Low flutter x15
  • Sparky – Pretzel Stick with flapjack x10
  • Windscreen wipers (Ian’s exercise after a demo) x10



  • Pleased with how this turned out.  Thought is was a decent beatdown and gave teams plenty of time for 2nd F.
  • Lots of ground covered.  Somewhere between 2 and 2.5 miles.
  • Team of @Barrister, @RobinsNest, @Bling and @Hammer were directionally challenged.  Made a right leaving stop 6 heading toward Johnson Oehler Rd.  Might have had the map upside down.
  • A group of PAX were joining @Hammer to help a displaced family move their possessions to a storage unit.  Coffee and donuts provided.
  • Don’t forget to set your clocks an hour forward for daylight savings.


  1. The Nanny

    Do what was the answer that all the clues led you to?

    • Brinkley

      @TheNanny – AMERICA. Pretty easy.

  2. Enjoyed the format today, @Brinkley. S/o to @DropCloth & @PonyBoy for their teamwork.

  3. Barrister

    We were just giving the other teams a head start.

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