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F3 MeCa | May 10, 2021

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Unseasonably Warm

  • When: 03/07/2019
  • QIC: PR
  • The PAX: Mayweather, Spud, Skinner, Phidippides, Chicken Strip, Frosty, Popeye, Hip, El Ab, Homeland, Ticky, Sundollar, Mighty Mouse, Luthor

It was an extremely warm 25 degrees and 15 PAX came remarkably overdressed with hoodies, gloves, and El Ab’s skintight, white snow suit.


Mosey to nuclear reactor

50 SSH’s in cad. (That’s it, Q was cold and wanted to mosey)

Mosey to top level of parking deck.


Exercise at each corner of parking deck as follows:

10 burpees

10 core killers

10 downdog mercs

10 Freddie mercs in cad.

Descend and ascend stairwell prior to moving to next station.

Long straight-aways ran at 70-80%

Repeato and add 1 each round. 

Mosey back to AO


Not much time, but a brief downdog, updog, and a few other superficial stretches.


In hindsight it was cold, but the core warmed up quickly.  50 SSH in cadence was met with yawns and dismay.  Fire Chicken would have loved it more than the sack he was in.   The thang had noticeable similarities to the previous day’s OCT workout…great minds Indy…but the Q didn’t have the brainpower and forethought to modify.  Homey out paced Frosty this morning, but Frosty noted his ultimate frisbee game from the previous night as the only reason why.  Popeye said we climbed the equivalent of a 40 story building and I choose to believe him.  I don’t have a fancy GPS watch, or any watch really, but by my guesstimation we ran somewhere between 3 and 18 miles.  I’ll also note that you’ll never feel more accomplished than when you can make Phidip short of breath through exercise.  Many prayers and praises lifted up.

Thanks for allowing me to lead.



PS:  Heard Dabo speak on Tuesday night at an FCA event.  Powerful testimony.  A few gems below I jotted down….

  • Find J.O.Y and purpose in your day-to-day lives by focusing on:   Jesus, Others, Yourself.
  • I’ve been dirt poor and wealthy — I was equally happy….keep you eyes on the lord, believe, never quit.
  • God never says “oops”.  Use your mess to turn it into a message.
  • Don’t worry about leaving a legacy, LIVE a legacy.
  • On March 7, 2019

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