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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Still Dark, Still Cold- Wait til Next Week

  • When: 3/7/19
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Uecker, Torch, Hop Hunter, 4-wide, Booter, Yellowcake

7 men showed up to run one last time before the clocks roll forward for DST.  Still dark, still cold but it was a great way to see a sunrise with frost on your toboggan (i.e. the wool cap on your head).  We ran to the apartments today which is a mostly downhill route, at least until you turn around and head home.

  • Uecker continues to get stronger, running farther each week with no stopping.  The guy is committed!
  • Torch had to show to get his free F3 sticker for his new car- really wanted that sticker.  Even with a nagging knee, he still ran and willed himself to the finish.
  • 4-wide was breaking in his new shoes and taking it easy- at least until he decided not to take it easy, then it was like flipping a switch and off he went.
  • Yellowcake just runs now, even takes the long way.  Long gone are the days of run and walk, run and walk.  Glad you didn’t have to be Duty (Dootie) Manager this week so you could join us.
  • Booter continues to challenge YHC on the final sprint home.  His next challenge will be up the hill at the apartments (4-wide holds the crown, there’s your target!).
  • Hop Hunter had a few blow outs along the run, must have been the cold air.  As the sign said during the marathon run, never trust a fart- enough said.

So we made it out and back, got somewhere between 5 and 6.5 miles, counted off and said our names and prayed for Booter to have safe travels to Florida for a long weekend.  Be sure to look at Torch’s beautiful locks for a few days longer before he shaves his head to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Peace out homeys!


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