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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Chicken Foot Returns! (And Rucking)

  • When: 03/04/19
  • QIC: Chicken Strip, Laser
  • The PAX: 2 Step, Grinder, Landlord, Kumquat, Trail Mix, Brutus, Filibuster, Lips, Osceola, Heatstroke

When YHC saw the cry for a final Q at Skywalker to complete the Nantan’s challenge and that it was a run day YHC knew what to do. Chicken Strip hosts the Chicken Foot! With some promotion amongst the Valley pax by Laser a large group of pax gathered to take on some of the best hills MECA has to offer. And to add to the excitement our fearless leader Heatstroke announced he would be in attendance to make good on his painment of 100 reps. In addition to the group of runners at least one of which was caught unawares of the Chicken Foot route a group of ruckers came out but with no intention of tackling the same route. After some instructions that left a lot to be desired Laser employed the MQ Grinder to give proper route directions for new comers. Then we set off. After tackling one loop of the triple toes at around the same pace the pax took off at their own paces including Landlord and Grinder who based on Strava data I can only assume rode the scooters that populate uptown. I believe almost everyone made it through at least 3 laps of pain ignoring every thought that told them to stop the insanity and pushed through almost 800 ft of gain over 3+ miles. Upon returning to the launch YHC finally took over the Q role and led some Mary exercises much to the chagrin of the pax. 15 crunchy frogs IC and 5 mason twists IC before interrupted by worries of being run down by a gator (the vehicle not the animal). The ruckers returned after during their thing which I can only assume consists of pretending to struggle with their heavy packs and hike off out of view of the non-ruckers and eat the snacks and drink the beverages stored as “weight” in their packs and then return at the appropriate time after splashing water on their face and complaining of fatigue between exaggerated breaths. (YHC is planning on rucking for the first time tonight and exposing their secret world #ruckgate). But finally with everyone united and sufficiently fatigued from either hills or fake exercise it was time for the main event. Heatstroke took center stage. Grinder turned on the spotlights and announced the exercise for his punishment to much fanfare. After already pushing his legs through more than they wanted to endure Heatstroke would have to crank out 100 squats. And having performed th role of form police before the pax would be sure there were no double standards and watch his reps for any weaknesses (no fake burpee world record reps here!). And so he began his lonely punishment. As YHC looked on at the sad spectacle guilt and shame at standing around while a HIM took his painment in stride got the better of me and I joined in with the reps. Soon others joined the duo as Heatstroke counted down his reps. Congrats to Skywalker for completing the challenge and Heatstorke for making good on his promise. And apologies for the unbelievably late backblast.

Chicken Strip

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