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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Last Q of the 30’s!

  • When: 3/6/19
  • QIC: @Uecker
  • The PAX: @Spauldini, @Torch, @Knucklesandwhich, @Dial-Up, @Heatstroke, @Rerun, @Sausage, @Dr.Seuss, @Beetlejuice, @F3Pharaoh, @Buck, @Talladega, @Habs, @Uecker

YHC pulled into the parking lot to find 3 men ready to get to work, but at 5:30 there were 14!  25 Degrees with a little wind is no match for the DAWGS!

– Disclaimer @5:30
– Mosey to the lighted area, a little 2nd F going on, but the group got rowdy and wanted what they paid for!  So here we go.
– Warm Up (40 reps)
o 1 Side straddle hop x 15
o 2 Imperial Storm Troopers x 15
o 3 Cotton Pickers x 10
o 4 Arm Circles Big/small/forward/back
-Mosey to curb
– The Thang
o Partner up
 1 Runner – 1 – Burpee/Squat Jump/Lunge forward
 When the group reaches the curb on your own
 40 Merkins
 40 WW2’s
 40 Monkey Humpers
o Partner up
 1 Runner – 1 reverpe/Squat Jumps/lunge back to curb
 When the group reaches the curb on your own
 39 Merkins
 39 WW2’s
 39 Monkey Humpers
o Dan Taylors “They ain’t got no legs”
 1 squat followed by 4 lunges
 Do in sets of 1-4- Burpee x 1 to the curb
o More pain?
 Mosey to the Diamonds
 Partner up 1 does exercise/ 1 does a lap
• Dips x 139 (my grandfathers birthday was March 13th and I am the 14th.  He would have been 100, so hence the 139)
Running out of time, time to mosey back to Mary, @Dial-up still had some gas in the tank for a HOT PURSUIT!  @Knucklesandwich came from behind and took the lead!
o Gentlemen’s Mosey back to Mary
 Crunchy Frogs
 Pretzel crunches
 one minute abs

Penalty time for @Heatstroke.  100 Monkey Humpers, and we all joined in at the end for 20 in Cadence.  It was great having you today @Heatstroke, we will work on our Monkey Humper form for you.  Great Job by all, and thanks for playing along!  It truly is an honor to lead this group of men.  I know @Torch might think I am a pest, via Slack, but I only do it out of love.  Since I got my business plug at the circle of trust, if you need any bugs killed, call @Beetlejuice!  Great to have @Knucklesandwhich and @Buck back out.  Glad to see you guys feeling better.  I don’t think I have partnered up with @Spauldini before, but (I think I had to do most of the work).  It looked like @Rosinbag, must have given @F3Pharaoh some jump squat lessons, because he looked like a rabbit today!  @Rerun was making the whole pax look bad, with a 40 lbs ruck on his back.  The workouts must be getting too easy!  I was wondering if @Talladega would be able to make it out after the marathon this past weekend, but he was there and one of the fastest, as usual!  I heard @Habs say that he was staring at @Spauldini during his Monkey Humpers, not sure what is going on there, lol! @Dr. Seuss & @Sausage said the only reason it felt cold today was because it was so warm last week, I think they are right.

Scottie Altschuler

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