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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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1000 Rep Challenge – revisited

  • When: 03/06/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Hugo, Big League Chew, Head and Shoulders, Man Bun, Chum, Blue Crush, Othello

YHC took the Q on a day that, unbeknownst to him, was to be a sub-25 degree gloom.  With all the mumblechatter regarding “who won’t post when it gets too cold” (#youknowwhoyouare) I decided it was time to take this little gem out of storage and use it as a way to keep us all warm this AM.  Ironically, YHC noticed the date on the past backblast was within a week of today last year.  The stars must be aligned, its a sign!!

0528 and folks start getting our of cars and getting ready.  YHC calls “one minute!” and here comes Man Bun flying in on 2 wheels like Dukes of Hazard (do they show those re-runs in Russia?).  A lousy disclaimer was given and we were off to mosey towards the front of the school where there are lights because YHC had a Wienke and he is getting old and needs all the help he can get!  We started with a little warm-up that went something like this:

SSH x10 (x denotes Cadence)
GrandpaJacks x10
IST’s x10

The Thang
5 sets of 10 exercises, 20 reps each.  YHC counted civilian cadence for the first set.  Then, we went “round robin” with the Pax so they could call an exercise in their own cadence.  The exercises were:

Merkins, Plank Jacks, SSH, Squat, LBC, CDD, WWII, MC, Step-up’s, Squirm

We finished with time to spare, so…….

A round of suicides using the bus lot lines.  Run up to line #2 then back to start, Run up to line #4 then back to start, etc, etc, until you completed up to line #18.  Knee slaps for the finishers until the six arrived, then off to our “safe place” for a little Mary.

Since we did abs during the challenge we decided to do a little Broga/Stretching
-Plank-Chatturanga-Upward dog
-Downward Dog


1. Kettlebells are on sale at Walmart Online – go get some:
2.  Not much else….or my brain can’t remember

1.  The Body – pray for healing so he can get his a$$ out here for some burpees soon.
2.  People in Alabama that suffered and lost their lives with the Tornado
3.  Convoy-as he starts his new business.Looking forward to seeing him out again.

1.  Great to see everyone out in the cold, again 🙂 #Strongworkbrothers, keep posting
2.  Man Bun – Can’t believe you are talking about running on Friday!  You are an animal!!  Head and Shoulders, he has been holding out on us!!
3.  Chum – you count cadence any way you want brother #nohatehere
4.  Hugo-please get that eye checked out, you’re scaring me.
5.  Bluecrush, Head and Shoulders, BLC – Strong work as usual



  1. Othello

    Always an honor to lead you men, Aye!

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