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F3 MeCa | June 10, 2021

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Something’s missing- where’s the rain?

  • When: 03/05/19
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Pharaoh, Habs, Hokie Pokie, Rerun, Yellowcake, Submarine, Spauldini

8 men decided to roll out of bed for a neighborhood cruise.  Felt weird to run without puddles or rain or threat of rain, but we made it, getting in somewhere around 5 miles give or take.  Nothing fancy route-wise, just ran down a street, went right, ran some more, went left, ran some more, went right, and kept going until somehow we found our way back to the start right on time.  A few dogs tried to follow us at one point.  They seemed very eager to bark and chase but thankfully not bite.  YHC would include the comment Pharaoh made about being back on time- unlike Hop Hunter who goes one more street- but no need to stir the pot.


  • Submarine’s wife’s friend in the hospital, serious depression issues
  • Habs’ mom continuing to deal with the loss of his dad and settling into the new daily routine
  • Habs’ friend Mark diagnosed with cancer
  • Talladega’s youth pastor’s wife Anita, surgery today to remove a tumor in her spine and do reconstructive work on her back
  • Hop Hunter’s M Becky in for a kidney stone blast today


Pharaoh prayed us out after giving great words of inspiration about finding our place to plug in, whether it’s raising money for a cause (Torch) or donating food to a food pantry- look around and find your place!


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