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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Lucky 5 at the Mill

  • When: 03/02/19
  • QIC: Steel Cannon
  • The PAX: Fire Chicken, Gunny, Backdraft, Loafer, Burg, Mighty Mouse, Grand Master, Chicken Strip, Captain Morgan

10 Pax got their dose of the DRP and defeated the mighty fartsack this morning.  They showed up at Kannon for the following beatdown.


Mosey to loading dock area behind the parking deck for Warmorama.  Oh wait, who’s that rolling in on 2 wheels after we start Mosey.  Any guesses????  Yep, Chicken Strip decided to join in the fun!  Fire Chicken circled back to mosey with him to Warmorama.



SSH x 50 IC (I was waiting on FC and CS to join in the circle before stopping.)

Windmill x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

IST’s x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC


Mosey north on N. Main St to the intersection of Loop Rd.  5 Pax on Loop Rd, 5 Pax on N Main.  Backs to the street.  Commence Monkey Humpers x 15 IC.  Chicken Strip said we got a good laugh from a woman sitting at the stoplight.  Mighty Mouse is hopeful that nobody saw him or a pic doesn’t get out of him on social media doing those on the street like that!


Continue on Loop Rd. to Bear Crawl Ladder Alley (Charles Babbage Ln) for a Pre-Thang.

Line Pax up on curb, arm-width apart.  Not much mumblechatter, but I like to think they were dreading the thought of doing a bearcrawl/derkin ladder for the 3rd time with me Q’ing.  Instead, we did this….

Shuffle to opposite side curb and perform a Bobby Hurley.  Shuffle back to original curb for another Bobby Hurley.  Do this x 15.  Me and the Burg were 15 of 15 on our shots.  Fire Chicken was calling out me and other Pax for not getting low enough on defense.  Offense wins championships!!  Or something like that.  BTW, I said “shuffle”, not “play defense”.  😉

And just so the lot doesn’t get upset for lack of bear crawls…..We lined up again on one curb, bear crawled to opposite curb, 1 burpee.  Bear crawl back to original curb for 1 more burpee.


Mosey to the random big parking lot at intersection of Biotech Ln and Laureate Way for the Real-Thang.  Here’s how it went.


The Real-Thang


This was a throwback to the inaugural Kannon beatdown on 8/12/17, which was my introduction to F3.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  The exercises weren’t exactly the same, I mixed it up a bit, but the concept was the same.


4 Pain Stations at each corner of the lot.  There’s a light pole right in the middle of the parking lot.  That’s where the workout started.

5 burpees at the center light pole.

Run to station 1 for exercise.

Back to center for 4 burpees.

Run to station 2 for exercise.

Back to center for 4 burpees.

Run to station 3 for exercise.

Back to center for 4 burpees.

Run to station 4 for exercise.

Back to center for 4 burpees.

That completed Round 1.  We did this for 3 Rounds.  Each Round had a different exercise at the Pain Station.

Still time left, so…………….REPEATO, with slight modification to do 2 burpees at the center instead of 4.

Fire Chicken and Captain Morgan put in some work this morning and got through 5 rounds total.  The rest of us got about 4 ½ rounds in.

Here it is in long form.


Round 1

Start at center 4 burpees

Station 1  Merkins x 20

Center 4 burpees

Station 2  Air Squats x 25

Center 4 burpees

Station 3  Core Killers (10 cycles)

Center 4 burpees

Station 4 Carolina Dry Docks x 20


Round 2

Start at center 4 burpees

Station 1  Single leg line jumps x 50 ea leg

Center 4 burpees

Station 2  LBC’s x 40

Center 4 burpees

Station 3  Peter Parker Merkins x 20

Center 4 burpees

Station 4  Smurf Jacks x 25


Round 3

Start at center 4 burpees

Station 1  W’s x 25

Center 4 burpees

Station 2  Diamond Merkins x 20

Center 4 burpees

Station 3  Star Jumps x 20

Center 4 burpees

Station 4 Low Dollies x 20


Mary called.  Mosey back to meeting spot.  “Jailbreak!” was called at the center of the shoe and we sprinted to the finish line for some Mary.


Pretzel crunches x 15 IC (each side)

Dying cockroaches x 10 IC

45 sec elbow plank to the 0800 whistle.


Strong group out there today.  Everyone really pushed it.  It was a gasser.  Ended up putting in 3.0 miles in all.  On a positive note, there was no merlot spillage by Chicken Strip on the repeat of this workout like he did last time!  I also got through the workout much better than last time I did it.  I couldn’t have improved like I have over the past 18 months if it wasn’t for my F3 brothers.  Your iron keeps sharpening my iron.  I can only hope that I’m returning the favor in some small way to someone out there!


Love coming to Kannon to Q with you guys.  Keep holding each other accountable and keep getting better!  Update since the workout this morning.  After the workout, Fire Chicken placed an F3 card on a guy’s windshield who we saw jogging.  Turns out he emailed us and sounds very interested in joining F3 and leaving Sadclown Syndrome behind him.  I hope it works out!


Always an honor,

Steel Cannon





steel cannon

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