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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Follow the Soggy Brick Road

  • When: 03/01/2019
  • QIC: BeetleJuice
  • The PAX: Yellowcake, Sausage, Hokie-Pokie, Pharaoh (R), Gurkah (R), Turbine (R), DIAL-UP!, 5G (2.0), Terrible Towel, Berlin, Bunion, Amway, Shooter, Uecker, Spauldini, Torch

17 of the strongest MEN this side of Rocky River (and a few from the other side) threw back the covers of their respective Fart Sacks and said, “I’M LATE!!!”…  They also said “Let’s do this!” in their manliest man voices.

Not wanting to disappoint this group of Tough Guys, YHC did want he does best, which was create a beatdown with lots of heavy lifting and plenty of high quality pain…the kind mama used to make.

YHC put it out on Slack the night before that this morning’s activities would be relatively “Ruck-Friendly”.  No one really seems to know what that means…but it sounded good…and a few Pax, including YHC, fell for it and showed up with Rucks strapped to their backs.

Here’s how it went…

5:29am – Disclaimer Given – F3 is peer-led, I am not a professional, no one is liable, I make suggestions, do this at your own risk and modify as necessary.

5:30am – Pain Train pulls away from the station…and makes a left hand turn to pick-up Amway


Quick mosey through the parking lot

Circle Up!

SSH x 10 (IC)

Hill Billly x 10 (IC)

Mountain Climber x 10 (IC)

Merkin x 10 (IC)


Mosey over to YHC’s favorite location…the Brickyard.  With 17 Pax, we were a few bricks short…but luckily, enough ruck sacks were in attendance, so everyone had something heavy to play with.

YHC had one rule for the bricks.  Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down (unless the exercise required it).  Penalty for setting down/dropping your brick would equal 5 burpees for the whole Pax.

With that, let the “FUN” begin!

At Brickyard

Curls x 100 (OYO)

Mosey to the Parking Lot

Standing Tricep Extension x 25 (OYO)

Squats x 25 (OYO)

Mosey to Stadium Wall (also notice gate to Stadium is open…lovely)

While in People’s Chair Against Wall

Curls x 25 (OYO)

Overhead Press x 25 (OYO)

Mosey to Staircase

Up and Down the Staircase x 5

At Top – Burpees x 5

At Bottom – Bent Over Rows x 10

When finished, Plank or pick up 6 until all Pax complete

Mosey Back to that open Stadium gate

Up and Down the Stadium Bleachers x 5 (or until time is called)

At the top – Straight Arm Brick-up’s? x 10

At the Bottom – Squats x 15

Call TIME – Pax completed somewhere between 3 & 5 trips up and down the bleachers

Mosey Bricks back to the brickyard and mosey the long way back to Mary


A quick one today due to it being 6:12am

WW2’s x 30 (OYO)

Count-off & Name-a-rama



Food Pantry Drive in its final hours – Get with Pharaoh TODAY if you have donations – final weigh-ins are tomorrow, 03/02!

Myrtle Beach Marathon this weekend

Prayer Requests

Hop Hunter’s M

Berlin – A strong, brave dude if ever there was one!

All those unspoken or that have slipped YHC’s mind


An awful lot of Mumble Chatter (and groans and grunts) this morning…until we hit the Stairs…then it was just the groans and grunts

Pharaoh is one sneaky (and fast) dude – that brick has never been sat down more quietly…or quickly.  Also, someone get that man an alarm clock!  Props for showing up though…some guys would just roll back over and promise themselves they’d show up next time.

Props to Uecker for being 50 lbs down and still managing to work out so hard that it feels like he’s lost nothing!  As I’ve heard it said “It never gets easier, you just get stronger!”

Berlin claimed he was struggling this morning, but it didn’t show…dude is super strong and pushed through it with style

5G at one point claimed he was bored…or was that a board.  Watch out!

The “heavy” bricks found it’s way around…someone needs to make that thing disappear!

Yellowcake shot past everyone on the way to Mary and insisted we take the scenic route…all stronger for it!

Turns out “Ruck Friendly” is very hard to define…

As always, it was an honor to lead this morning, as it is always an honor to follow each and every one of you!  I am stronger due to all of you!

See you in the Gloom!

Blake Crenshaw

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