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F3 MeCa | September 21, 2019

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Unsheltered Doomsday Clock Beatdown

  • When: 02/23/2019
  • QIC: Poutine
  • The PAX: Barrister, Brinkley, Chopper, Disaster, Drop Cloth, Dutch Boy, Glock, Hammer, Pavarotti, Powerball, Sandman, Tootsi

13 brave (or crazy) PAX showed up on the last day of YHC Iron Q for Unsheltered Doomsday Clock Beatdown.  The Doomsday Clock was learned by YHC while attending a beatdown @f3chicago.  This morning’s weather was crappy to say it nicely and to add insult to injury, YHC kept the PAX away from shelters and lead the beatdown in the rain because it builds character (or poor planning depending on how you see it).  Disclaimer was given and we moseyed to the parking lot doing carioca and then circle up for……


  • Line Hops IC x16
  • Mummy IC x15
  • Prisoner Squats IC x10
  • High Knees Mason Twist IC x15
  • Macarena Planks IC x3

THE THANG:  Partner up for 2 rounds of….

Partner 1                                                                       Partner 2 (Counter)

  • People’s Chair                                                        Decline Merkins x10
  • Balls to the wall                                                      Jump Knee Tucks x20
  • Bunny Hops                                                            Plank Jack x20

Mosey to bottom of parking lot then circle up for Doomsday Clock – Squat Hold + Jump Squats.  PAX all begin in squat hold position.  YHC starts first with jump squat and back in squat hold calling out loud 1 then Pax to left jump squats and back down to squat hold calling 2 etc.  We go around circle to a count of 91 until PAX waive white flag.

Partner 1                                                                        Partner 2 (Counter)

  • IST                                                                           Donkey Kicks x20
  • Side Planks                                                              Side lunges x10 (2=1)
  • Danielson                                                                 Sumo squats to calf raise x15

Indian Run on road toward baseball field then switch to quadraphilia to the split rail fence.

Partner 1                                                                         Partner 2 (Counter)

  • Plank Skiers                                                              Tricep Dips x15
  • Tarantulas                                                                 Incline Merkins x15
  • Squat hold punches                                                  Star Jumps x15

Mosey over the streets intersection the circle up for Doomsday Clock Plank Walk. PAX get in plank position and then plank walk counterclock for count of 24 (24 hours) the recover.  PAX perform a few Michael Phelps then get back down in plank position for Doomsday Clock this time clockwise for another 24 count.  Then recover.

Sprint/Mosey toward rock area, grab a rock, then circle up for Doomsday Clock.  For exercises below, the number equals a group count.  For example, PAX hold squat position holding rock on their chest.  YHC starts squat up with rock press then back down calling 1.  Next PAX does the same calling 2 and so on.  We go count of 50 then we recover and go to plank hold and perform merkins calling 1, then next PAX 2 etc. to 60.  The same applies for Tricep Extension and Jack Overhead Presses.

  • Squat Hold + Overhead X50.
  • Plank + Merkins x60
  • Tricep Extension x50
  • Jack + Overhead Press x75

Mosey back toward starting area and stop at fire hydrant for another circle Doomsday Clock – Power Plank.  Group performed 75 Power Planks before they were dismissed and offered shortcut thru the mud trail or stay on pavement for longcut.


  • Alternating Toe Touches x15
  • Forward Fold stretch
  • Forward Fold – Legs crossed stretch (left and right)
  • Hand next to foot with other hand reaching up. Switch hand, then switch foot and repeat



  • Congratulation for those who showed up despite nasty weather.
  • Shoot-out to @f3chicago where YHC learned about Doomsday Clock exercises.
  • Hats off to @disaster for posting 5 times this week, @Brinkley and @Dutch Boy 4 times.  That is a very impressing batting average.
  • @Brinkley took 1st place on Danielson challenge & reward with @barrister a close 2nd.  I am sure the guy walking around parking lot who had to listen to all the Danielson impressions will not be joining F3 anytime soon.  We pretty much also ran  him off the road during Indian Run.  We left a good impression on that guy!  LOL – #good times
  • @dropcloth set the bar real high for his partner while performing the Tarantulas with a whopping 1.5 rep. Not a typo. it was 1.5 and not 15.
  • @Pavarotti was rucked from his house to Mallard Creek park and back to his house. I didn’t think we rucked on Saturday.
  • YHC enjoyed the Q Source prayer topic and of course the F2 time.
  • There were some suggestions about using the shelter and complaints about skipping the shelter.  YHC will consider next time.

It has been a fantastic experience and honor to lead the Iron Q this week. The purpose of the Iron Q was to challenge myself and hopefully inspire others to sign up to Q once a month, twice a month, etc. We all workout for free and our contribution back to F3 is to Q.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




  1. Congrats on your six-pack, @Poutine. Glad I was able to post at the bookends of the week.

    Strong mubblechatter today…and it all started with Uranus.

    Iron Sharpens Iron

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