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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Nantan MeCa Q Challenge

  • When: March 2019
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: All MeCa Pax

Alrighty gentlemen!  YHC just jumped on board as Nantan and what better way to kick things off than with a CHALLENGE!  F3 is about leadership, so why not a Q Challenge!

MeCa Q Challenge:  

Simple.  Your AO fills all of your March 2019 Q slots by Feb. 28 at midnight.  If successful, your Nantan (YHC,) will receive a penalty.  What penalty?  Your choice of the following:

  • 100 reps of exercise of your choosing (all at once) – can either be done at your AO (if possible) or on video that will likely be uploaded to youtube and shared on your Slack channel or anywhere else.
  • YHC Guest Q at your AO

Penalties for YHC is cool and all, but the true goal of this challenge is to get ALL pax excited about leading, and leading regularly.  Let’s get the pax that don’t lead all that often to step up and to give the pax that lead very frequently a bit of a break.  Spreading the wealth around will be good for everyone.  With all this in mind, there is one stipulation:

  • No pax Qs more than twice in March (only once per month for Mineshaft)

Forming a habit of signing up to lead workouts in advance (not a day or two before) is also a worthy goal here.  These workouts are free for a reason, rotational leadership by all pax.  I know guys have uncertain future schedules, sign up anyway.  Your brothers will cover for you in that event, it happens.

Alright then, it’s time to see what you got.  Is the Nantan going to have to put in some work, or will he be kicking back with his feet up because AOs couldn’t get it done?  Guess we are about to find out…






  1. Heatstroke

    Time to get after it gentlemen!!

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