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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Rainless Run and Ruck

  • When: 02/20/19
  • QIC: Jimmy Buffett
  • The PAX: Chachi, Heatstroke, Jimmy Buffett, Love Seat, No Pass, Roomba, Soprano, Steel Cannon, Sugar

Last night YHC drives through a terrible down pour coming home from work. Checks the weather to see if this is ever going to stop; weather app says no. Guess we are getting wet tomorrow. I figure the safest place to be in heavy rain is the track as a lot of running through Moss Creek is on the roads and the cars don’t slow down through the neighborhoods just because it is dark and raining. Visibility be damned! Alas the alarm goes off at 4:54 (always wake up to palindromes) and there is a sweet sound of silence, the rain has stopped (and equally as important, the 3 year is soundly sleeping). Hmm, this provides more options, let’s see who shows. Turns out 8 joined me in the gloom: 4 to ruck and 4 to run.

We wait for the ruckers to get all their gear ready and then give a very solid (if I do say so myself) disclaimer about the risks of dark and wet surfaces and not elevating the heart rate too much while rucking.

Ruckers start off down the greenway and then back to the AO via neighborhood streets.

Runners head towards the haunted day care and then finish with the greenway.

All gave a cheerful greeting as the two groups passed each other.

Close it out with announcements and a prayer.


  • RS Happy Hour at Johnny Brusco’s tomorrow night. Theoretical start time at 7:30 but most usually arrive between 8 and 8:30. HC on Slack including ETA so nobody has to sit there alone.
  • CSAUP at Fort Mill this weekend (?). 17 miles expected. Hit up Sugar on slack for more details if interested. Rucking, running and biking options available.


  • New F3 brother Survivor has had his battles with cancer and done well through them all. Unfortunately now his M is struggling with her own health battles. Pray for her recovery.
  • Roomba’s co-worker passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. Prayers for the family. Life is short and you don’t know when the game is over. Don’t take any of it for granted. Kiss your family good night every day and remind them you love them; never know when you won’t have that chance anymore.


  • Thanks for the accountability this morning fellas. Looking at the forecast last night, I had roughly 0% desire to get out there in the gloom. Wasn’t a choice as a Q fartsack two days in a row would not be a good look. Luckily no rain. Even luckier that 8 of you decided to join.
Jimmy Buffett

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