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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Mineshaft People Q 2/9/2019

  • When: 02/09/2019
  • QIC: All Of Us.
  • The PAX: Deuce, Osceola, Othello and Chi Chi

Osceola, Hot Wheels, Othello, Deuce and FNG Dennis Machado make up the this morning PAX.

Someone Mentioned, Suggested, the UNCC 5K route, with Hot Wheel taking the first leg, off we went.

Warm Up

Mosey 1/8 mile and stop for 20SSH, Mosey another 1/8 mile for 10MC/WM, mosey 1/8 mile for IST, ah,is that a parking deck? let’s go, stop at bottom for 20 IST.

The Thang

Head up the stairway to heaven, 5 Mercins at the first plateau, add 5 mercins at each remaining plateau – Someone echo that back to Deuce. Head across deck and back down with 5 Squats at the top, adding 5 squats at the each plateau.  Someone echo that back to Deuce.  FNG not looking so good…..

Continuing the 5K route as we cross the street, Man Down! Man Down! FNG hits the floor, for an epic spilling of the Merlot.  Rest Room spotted in the dorm next door, mission rescue FNG is underway.  Once inside Deuce leads the rest of the PAX up the inside dorm stair way in a reverse spider crawl.  Big fun.  The RA did not know what to about this all the craziness.  With the FNG recovering, we continue on our 5K Journey.

Next stop, guard rail for 5-10-15-10-5 Incline Mercins/Dips ladder.

Next Stop, sketchy bridge for some ballet moves sponsored by Osceola……

Next Stop Under the Bridge for some brutal Rock/Coupon assisted Deuce lead pain. Curls/OHP/arm raises/Shoulder Press/Bench Press.  Special mention to the running group of ladies that thought we were a homeless tribe. Maybe it was a pick up line, who knows, it was early!

Last stop at the water drain for some nasty Jump Up / Dip Ladder work sponsored by Othello.

Mosey back to Parking Deck 7 for COT

FNG Naming ceremony, The name Machado is Axe in the Brazilian dialect, a trade given to his family by a local priest. Nothing to do with his F name, just interesting. He is here studying Brazil’s Maldonado Redbelly Toad is a species of interest, along with South American dart poison frogs and the North American rough-skin newt. According to Machado, all amphibians have toxins as part of their innate immune system and defensive mechanisms against predators. and the poison, you guessed it, is  called Chi Chi.


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