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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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A little bit of this and that……

  • When: 02/13/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Hugo, Big Tuna, Blue Crush, Home Alone, Big League Chew, Head and Shoulders, Booyah, Othello

Eight men showed up on a cold “Pain at Bain” morning to make themselves a little stronger.  Without the Body present we HAD to do some burpees in his honor.  The Q (YHC) wasn’t sure what he was going to do today so he decided to do “a little bit of this and that” around the AO in areas where we don’t frequent as much.  And yes…there will be some burpees mixed in.

Very lousy disclaimer at 0529, at 0530 we were off heading back out of the school parking lot. Once at the last island we played a little follow-the-leader on the parking lot stripes and then circled up for a little …

SSH x10 (x denotes cadence)
IST x10
Windmill x10
MC’s x10
Mosey over to the lighted steps by the Kindergarten side of the building.

The Thang
Everyone plank up.  Then when your turn, proceed to the steps for …

Spidermans – Core/Chest-Shoulders/Legs

Round 1 – Reverse Spidermans up the steps, walk over the top to the other side and then do forward Spidermans down the other side.  Lunge walk balk to start.  Plank up and wait for the six.
Round 2 – Everyone now wall sit. Reverse Spidermans up the steps, walk over the top to the other side and then do forward Spidermans down the other side.  Lunge walk balk to start.  Wall sit and wait for the six.

10-1-1 Ladder – Cardio
Mosey to the parking lot. Here we lined up by the first island to do the following….
10 WWII’s at Island #1, run to Island #2
1 Jump Squat at Island #2, run to Island #3
1 Burpee at Island #3, run back to Island #1
Decrease WWII’s down to 1, increase Jump Squats and Burpees up to 10.
P/U the six

Mosey all the way around the front of the school and down the fire lane to the teachers outside lunch area (red metal picnic tables).

10,8,6,4,2 Ladder – Legs/Triceps-Shoulders/Core
10 Step-ups each leg, 10 Dips, work your way down the ladder
Extra Credit:  YHC found that you can sit on the picnic table bench, lock your feet underneath, the adjacent bench and proceed to lean back for an awesome ab crunch.  We did 10 in cadence.  This one needs a name!!

Mosey over to the “Safe Space” for some…

Peoples Choice Mary – Everyone practiced their cadence skills
Othello – The “W” x10
Home Alone – LBC x10
Hugo – 6 inches
Head and Shoulders – Low Dolly x10
Big League Chew – Low Flutter x10
Booyah – ??? x10
Big Tuna – Scissors x10
Blue Crush – Heels to Heaven x10


-The Body – heal fast brother!  The burpees miss you out here!!
-Toughskins-same to you brother….get well soon!
-Chum-heard you had some water damage at home, hope it is not that bad. Let us know if you need anything!

1.  Thanks for letting me lead brothers!  Great group of guys with a lot of “No Quit” in them.  Keep posting!!
2.  Where is Manbun? Highchair? They coming back out?
3.  Good to see H&S back out…miss you brother!  Prayers to you and your Haiti team next week.
4.  Spring is almost here, let’s see if we can’t EH some men (sad clowns) to be part of our group.  Let us know of an event where we can plant our shovel flag and show up in our shirts to see if we can’t get some interest from those to shy to seek us out on their own. Aye!




  1. Othello

    Thanks for the honor to lead! Aye!

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