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F3 MeCa | August 18, 2019

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Hard Core

  • When: 2/12/19
  • QIC: Phidip
  • The PAX: Nails, Popeye, Spud, Hops, Pvt Ryan, BD, Frostbite, PsychoT, Luthor

10 real men decided working in cold wet rain was better than eating soggy oatmeal this fine morning.
Run to bridge
25 Dips
25 Incline Merkins
20 Stumpjumpers IC
Mosey to Belk parking lot
4 core-ripping workstations on each end of parking lot.  PAX jog first half of parking lot then sprint to the workstation.  Do work and repeato.   Core workstations were:
1. Freddie Mercs 25 IC
2. KGB’s 25 IC
3. Flutter Kicks 25 IC
4. Superman 25 (both sides count as 1 rep)
5. JLo’s 25
6. Boxcutters 25
7. WWII’s 25
8. V-Ups 25
Repeat until time called then mosey to the Penney Wall and do:
2 Walk Walks
Bunny Hop up stairs
Run down ramp and do 25 Step Ups (total)
Bear Crawl to Penney Wall
Mosey back to ASEC for Mary
10 Straight Arm Side Plank Stretches
Upper back stretch complex
Some Broga
Cold and rainy starting out, but once we got started, it was still cold and rainy.  Workstations worked well except for the workstation paper getting wet and completely illegible.  It was worth it just to watch Frostbite sound out “W-W-I-I” though.   BD, with even a hint of irony, played the form police and called two of us out.   Strong sprinting by Frosty, Pvt Ryan and Hops but I know everybody was working hard.   Spud, keep pounding!  V-Ups as the last exercise was deliberate cruelty on Q’s part but mine pretty much sucked.   Wall exercise was tough but at least is wasn’t core.
Prayers out to Psycho T’s friend who recently passed from cancer, and especially to his family.   Also to our fellow PAX (Survivor) whose wife is battling cancer.   May they feel God’s profound love for their healing and our prayers and support for their recovery.   Let us take nothing for granted, especially the gift of each other’s company.

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