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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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People’s Q at the Mineshaft

  • When: 02/09/19
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Hot Wheels, Osceola, Othello, Chi Chi(FNG), Deuce

Big Tuna’s absence from the Mineshaft due to a back injury left the Q wide open.  Luckily, I knew of his intentions to lead us on the 5k route he ran in the race last week, and Hot Wheels, having run the race in the past, knew the route, and Osceola and Othello wanted to Q some of the workout, so we set off to execute Big Tuna’s plan, people’s Q style.  We even brought FNG Chi Chi along for the fun.


Hot Wheels led us in the usual warmup exercises such as SSH, Cotton Pickers, Mountain Climbers, etc.

The Thang

3.2 mile run with pain stations.  The route:

  • Up University Road with a stop on the other side of the cone deck.
  • Up Broadrick Blvd.
  • Down Alumni Way with a stop at the South deck. Some Merlot was splashed at this point, and we ended up doing reverse spiderman merkins up there stairwell in one of the residence halls while our brother recovered in the restroom.
  • Jump on Toby Creek Greenway and make several stops before exiting just past the Union Deck.
  • Mosey back to start with a stop or two along the way.

Lots of Merkins, Dips, Squats, LBCs, Jump ups and other exercises were completed on our stops.


  1. Welcome to our FNG Chi Chi!  Nevermind your rough start. It happens to lots of guys.  Just keep coming out and remember we are here to help you get stronger. I’ll try to keep Othello from making you talk so much during the runs, too.
  2. It was great to see Osceola and Hot Wheels out at the Mineshaft and for coffeeteria.  You guys should come out this way more often.
  3. Big Tuna- I hope you recover quickly from your back injury.



  • On February 10, 2019

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