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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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The Warm Bird…

  • When: 2/7/19
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: Talladega, Cupid, Rerun, 4-Wide, Habs, Uecker, Hokie Pokie, Mayhem, Booter, Hop Hunter

10 Dawgs showed on this fine Thursday morning for the warmest cruise of 2019. YHC had hoped for a few more Dawgs, but there appears to be a lot of junk going around that has grabbed a hold of a few dawgs (and their families) over the last week.  Ten is still a strong number and those that showed to knock out for the world famous Dawg House Bird Run.  At the top of Heart Rate Hill, a few pax went straight for the long long version and a few pax trimmed a little off the tail by opting for the short leg version.  The warm air seemed to agree well with the pax this am.  Lots of effort and great support displayed today…

Strong work men!  #ironsharpensiron




  • Prayers for the Guinness’ Family regarding loss of his niece and for save travels as they head to the funeral this weekend.
  • Prayers for all those that are sick and suffering from the various illnesses going around
  • Prayers for all the NASCAR teams as the season gets rolling this weekend.  Safe travels!
  • All unspoken prayers


Hop Hunter

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