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F3 MeCa | August 18, 2019

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Campus Tour

  • When: 02/06/19
  • QIC: @Uecker
  • The PAX: @Knucklesandwich, @Torch, @Talladega, @Submarine, @Dial-Up, @5G, @Spauldini, @Habs, @Turbine, @tater, @Bunion, @Airsoft, @Uecker

With your QIC out of town last week, I was starting to forget what the school campus looked like, so what better way to remember than with a tour of the school?!  Let’s get started!

13 Men showed up to see my BRONZE beautiful tan, I was surprised that more didn’t make it out with the numbers we have been having lately at the Dawghouse, but it must be harder to get out of bed in these warm conditions? @Buck? @Bullseye? @sausage?


We are a peer-led, Zero Cost non-profit work out group, we are not professionals and do not claim to be.  Perform each exercise safely and modify as needed.  By participating in an F3 workout, you assume all the risk associated with doing soo Mosey to warm up area near tennis courts

  •  Warm Up
    • Side Staddle Hop x 15
    • Windmills x 15
    • Cotton Pickers x 15
    o The Thang
     Dominos! X 4 rounds, that was enough with this uncoordinated group, @Bullseye would be disappointed.
    o Mosey to courtyard
     In Cadence
    • Dips x 20
    • Incline Merkins x 15
    • Decline Merkins x 15
    o Mosey to School Bus area
     Side Straddle Hop x 15 (in cadence)
     Merkins x 15 (in Cadence)
     WW2’s x 15 (in cadence)
    o Indian Run to the stairs on the other side, I heard some rumbling about “is this how Indians really run”
     Penalty is 5 Merkins
    o Bottom of the stairs
     Side Straddle Hop x 15 (in cadence)
     Merkins x 15 (on your own)
     WW2’s x 15 (on your own)
    o Top of the Stairs
    • Balls to the wall x 3 rounds with shoulder taps x5
    o Bonus time
     Mosey to the Bricks
     Partner up 1 person does 20 curls the other holds plank x 3 rounds
     Partner up 1 person does Brick walk to the fence while the partner holds plank
    o Mary
     LBC’s x 15
     Squirms x 15

    • Pretzel Crunches x 15
    • 1 minute abs with @Habs
    • Low flutter with @Spauldini
    • Dying Cockroach with @Talladega

It was an honor to lead today, seeing the cop car first thing in the morning really wakes you up @Airsoft.  It’s great having @Knucklesandwhich out every Wednesday, I love hearing that car start up!, @Torch, thank you for getting my Triple Nickel patch! @5G, thank you for taking it easy on me, my first day back! @dialup, you looked thinner to me today, forgot to mention that to you! @submarine, strong work today! @Habs great to see you back at it every week, missed you.  I will work on my body odor of rum smell! @Turbine, good to see you again, I only have a couple weeks left to wear my yellow shirt for you! @Tater & @Bunion putting in that strong work, keep showing up you guys are doing great!  @Talladega, did you enjoy it as much as I thought you would? lol!

Prayers for @Pharoah on his mission trip in Hondurous

Food Pantry challenge is still on with the HarrisBEGINERS!  Looks like we are going to have a week of workouts that will be easier than sitting at Rocky River Coffee with the way the Dawgs are stepping up.

– Moleskin
With the recent news of a F3 brother passing it brought back memory’s of a young man who worked for me, and with yesterday being his 3 year anniversary of death. Death changes so many things and it really makes you question a lot too, I have struggled my faith and with death of young people and young parents with family’s and the hows and whys of it. It’s difficult and sad, but I can tell you talking about it is what helps me. When I started F3 last August, it was an outlet to try and get my back better, and if it didn’t work then it was surgery for me. When I first got hurt, I met a man outside of my chiropractor and he told me that God was going to heal me, and he put his hand on my back and I was expecting instant results that didn’t happen. Well I laughed it off and went on my way. Here I am every morning at 5:30 working out and then sending off a prayer, and wouldn’t you know it my back pain is gone. The one thing I didn’t expect to receive from F3 was a closer relationship with God. I thank all of you for the opportunity to lead today and be a part of this group. I appreciate your push every day, your jabs, and your love.

Scottie Altschuler

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