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F3 MeCa | August 17, 2019

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Wet Willy and Richard Cranium

  • When: 01/24/19
  • QIC: Laser
  • The PAX: Blowout, Schoolbus, Metro, The Farm, 2Step

6 PAX posted for a wet Thursday beatdown.  What else would we expect in Charlotte this year?  The rain has seemed non stop.  What wasn’t expected was a 60 degree morning in mid January.  Laser and Blowout put in a 2 mile pre run and were joined by The Farm, 2 Step, Schoolbus and…the second coming of Metro.

YHC did not prepare a Wienke so here is how I recollect The Thang going down:

Mosey to Davis Lake entrance for:

SSH x 20

IST x 15

Gremlin x 15

Mosey to Teeter for:

Peoples Chair, Mike Tyson and Reverse Mike Tyson medley x 10 each (Reverse MTs were a fail)

At this point, Schoolbus felt the need to pronounce YHC as a “dickhead” when I Q in the rain as I tend to have no problem with the PAX getting wet.  I’ll leave that at that and let the PAX decide who needs to adjust their methodology.

In an effort to appease the cries for cover, YHC moved the PAX under the covered porch for:

Incline Merks, Dips, Step Ups, Bulgarian Split Squats, Gerkins and Stump Grinders with one set of ten and a repeato of 8 reps each.

A mosey back to the clubhouse with various nonsense on the way and Mary under the clubhouse porch to minimize further midwife noises.


Nuff Said – Laser – OUT


  • On February 5, 2019

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