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F3 MeCa | December 9, 2019

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My Mint Hill VQ

  • When: 02/04/19
  • QIC: Booyah
  • The PAX: Blue Crush, Home Alone, Chum, Cocktail, Rice-A-Roni, Othello, The Body, Hugo

For whatever reason I LOVE getting offsite.  Even if just for a few minutes to change up the scenery so we started off with a quick mosey to the Mint Hill FD with a stop at the quarter mile mark for SSH x20.

Once at the FD we circled up for Imperial Walkers x20 and Windmills. We headed back towards park with another stop at the quarter mile for The Body Squats x20.

Once back in the park we headed to the Wall Ball courts for a quick story about getting yelled at by a police officer for peeing in that exact spot in the mid 90s followed by partnering up for Donkey Kicks x20, Dips x20 and ten partner merkins in between each stop.  Thrice reapeato’d.

To the track we went for 50 yd lunge walks followed by a return around twice repeato’d.

Over to the War Memorial we went into stretch mode with two variations of runners lunge followed by Deep Pigeon and hamstring stretchers





I used to do  a ton of yoga and miss it dearly   Thank ya’ll for playing along this morning. It was good to Q again.

If the formatting and punctuation is bad it’s the iPhone. Promise!


Adam Butler

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