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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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Gun show under the lights

  • When: 02/04/19
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: SS Minnow, Habs, Terrible Towel, Turbine, Hot Rack, Rerun, Gamma, Clueless

9 men found the correct setting on the alarm clock after the Not-So-Super Bowl last night and put in some work this morning.  The lights were on in the main parking lot so we took advantage.  Turns out they were on for an up-coming car show.  We used them to show off the “guns”.  They were impressed, no doubt about that.

Here’s how it went:


Warm Up

SSH x 15

Mind went blank, what’s supposed to come next here??

Mountain climbers x 20

That’s not it, oh yeah, IST

IST x 15

5 yurpees OYO

The Thang

Disclaimer reminder

Balls to the wall routine

Balls to the wall with hip slaps x 10

People’s chair with air presses x 10

3 rounds

Hey, the lights are on … let’s use them

Bear crawl to next pole

Lunge walk to 3rd one

Catch me if you can

One partner does 5 mericans

Other partner reverse runs up the hill

10ish air squats at the top

Mosey back to bottom

15 one-legged Bulgarian squats on the curb at the bottom

Mosey to sign

15 decline mericans

20 dips

3 rounds

Mosey to victory circle

Box jumps, then run down around barriers and back


Mosey to entrance with hand rails for pull ups

Reverse run up the hill

5-10-15 pull ups

Mosey back to base with Low Flutter and Pretzel Crunch pain stations along the way


LBC x 20

Reverse Crunch x 20

Superman pulse x 10ish together

Plank Medley – Plank jack, plank hold, J-Lo


Food pantry will need some help loading up and moving from existing location to new location this Friday and Saturday.  @SoloCup and @Pharaoh will have more details coming out soon.

If you haven’t signed up to Q in a while, please do.  You can schedule it out a week in advance to give you time to prepare.  Make yourself accountable.

Adopt-a-park is coming in February.  @Wexler just posted some information on slack today.  Check it out and get with him on your availability.  We need at least 6 guys to make it work.


Great work this morning guys.  Thanks for coming out.

Great to have @HotRack out at his firs #WhiteLightning.  Keep pushing!

Good to see @Turbine back out at the Speedway also.

One of our brothers at Lake Norman lost his life over the weekend.  Not a lot of details yet about what happened, but let’s use this as a reminder to reach out to people you haven’t seen at a workout in a while.  We’re all tough guys, but everyone needs a good friend.  There’s no shame in reaching out or asking for help.

See you in the gloom …



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