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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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Making an Impact

  • When: 02/02/19
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: Hong Kong Phooey, Oz, TarTar, Gapper, Segundo, Wexler, Riptide (WD), Posh, Tupperware (WB), Klump, Gamma, Chaos

A dozen men answered the call and got their 1st F on at The Rail Yard. Here’s their story:

Grab the Shovel Flag and mosey down to the main lot. With the aforementioned Shovel Flag replanted nearby…
#disclaimer (or something resembling same)
SSHs x20
Mericans x10
Slow Air Squats x15
Slow Windmills x5

Grab the Flag again and head to the soccer field. Replant the Flag somewhere in the middle of a soon-to-be starfish pattern. (if you don’t know the significance of the starfish within F3, read Freed to Lead, attend a Q School sometime or ask me over a beer coffee; it’s important).

With the Flag in the middle, the ends of the starfish were the bathrooms, corner of the field, goal, other corner of the field and the garbage cans by the side lot. Do 10 Jump Squats at the Flag, then run out to end of one leg, do 10 reps of an exercise, run back to the Flag, do 10 more Jump Squats, then on to the next leg until you hit all five. The exercises were Mericans, Diamond Mericans, Wide Mericans, Hand-Release Mericans and Carolina Dry Docks (in any order you choose). When you’re done, plank up or finish with the six.

Repeat the starfish evolution with 5 Burpees at the Flag, then 10 LBCs, WWII Sit-ups, Reverse Crunches, Flutter Kicks and Low Dollys at the legs. When you’re done, plank up for finish with the six.

To the hill: 7 WWII Sit-ups at the bottom, 7 Air Squats in the middle, 7 Dips at the top, run down. Repeat with 6, 5…1. First guys to finish go grab sand bags.

Lined up at the end of the field with you favorite bag, do 15 Curls, sprint to the Flag and back; do 10 Curls, sprint to mid-field and back; do 5 Curls, sprint to the other end of the field and back.
Repeat with Chest Presses (yes, all the way down to your chest)
Repeat with Cross-Over Merican Burpees (crowd favorite, especially those that did all of them…)

Quick message on pushing yourself mentally. Some guys struggle with certain exercises. You do them at first and they’re hard. Then you start modifying them, then after a while you don’t even attempt to do them because you’ve convinced yourself you can’t do them. For me, it’s the pull-up. For many, it’s the Burpee, and today, the Cross-Over Merican Burpee. To that end, all together, we did ONE, SLOW, PERFECT Cross-Over Merican Burpee. Now, you know you can do one perfectly. Next time, do two, and so on.

Now back to our regularly scheduled event…
Return the sandbags to their hole, grab the Flag, then a fellowship-pace mosey back up to the cars.

LBCs x25
Flutter Kicks x20
Pretzel Crunches x15
Air Squats x15 (courtesy of Wexler; still nursing a broker rib, he’d been stalking creeping circling rucking around us all morning, so in solidarity with our brother, we audibled so he could be with us)

COT, with a message about making an impact

1. Great to see 12 guys out there, but even better knowing there are others out there at that same moment making an impact, at least partially inspired/motivated/connected because of F3, which is what this is all about. As BossMan (aka Flip Phone) said, if you’re not practicing all three F’s, you’re not doing F3. For example, Solo Cup, Escalade, Trojan and Hootie guiding visually-impaired folks through a race; Clueless and T-Bone pushing each other during a long run; Bull getting in his run then hitting Aldi for canned-goods for the food pantry; 17 guys coming together for fellowship at coffee; and surely more.

2. Thanks for joining me. If you didn’t, who was going to carry all those sandbags?

3. When Bull went to check out, cashier asked him what he was cooking with all that food and he told her about the food pantry. The lady behind him in line heard and offered to pay for it all. So Bull went back through and got a second load. We’ll never know, but just guessing that lady wasn’t planning on donating to the food pantry today, but she was inspired by Bull. Again, making an impact on the community.

4. As always, Chaos’ timing is phenomenal. In four years, I don’t think he’s done a single Side Straddle Hop!

5. You can thank Riptide for the 15 count on Pretzel Crunches. I was about to stop at 12, when Mr. Helper chided the Q, so on we went.

6. Tclaps to all the pre-runners and pre-ruckers.

7. Something, something, something about taking a picture of Posh when he was on his hands and knees. Probably glad I was at the other end of the line and didn’t hear it.

8. Segundo asked me where the Cross-Over Merican Burpees came from. Told him I did them at kettlebells one time, and Clueless and TBone said they were horrible….which is a pretty good barometer of a good exercise.

9. Look for details from Flip Phone about a gameday at the Orphanage in March, as well as from Wexler about another round of Adopt-a-Park work this month. Following CPR training last week, Wexler is also getting details from HFD about additional training sessions focusing on dealing with open wounds/bleeding, and for kids about what to do if you get separated/lost. More impact. Again, 12 guys at the workout is great, but the impact this group has on the community is greater. For this as much as anything, I’m proud to be a part of F3Harrisburg.


  • On February 2, 2019


  1. Strong work this morning.

  2. Riptide

    Abs of steel baby!! Until tomorrow- gonna feel those…
    Another great beatdown – thanks Gamma.

  3. Heck of a backblast @Gamma!

  4. Clueless

    Well put @Gamma!

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