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F3 MeCa | July 12, 2020

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F3 Dads @ Davis Lake

  • When: 2/2/19
  • QIC: R2D2
  • The PAX: R2D2, Bronco and his 3 2.0's, Flyboy, Grasshopper, Febreeze, FNG Gravel, 2Step, 2.0 1/2Step, Blow out, Data (?), FNG 2.0 Monkey , FNG 2.0 Giraffe, Kit.

Davis Lake F3 Dads

Your YHC knew that For the beginning of February it was a crap shoot on the weather but 63 degrees made for the PERFECT F3 Dads Beatdown. It started off with a wide range of emotions: Some sleepy eyes, Bronco’s 2.0’s cartwheeling away from the truck in anticipation and a F3 brother Visiting from Highlands who said “Oh, this is a Dads work out… I’m gonna go to Mallard Creek Park”. An awkward beginning but we pursued with a quick, “overly enthusiastic” intro and disclaimer (thank you Febreze) and we were off.

Warm o rama (run, skip, karaoke)
–Side straddle hop
–Cotton pickers
–Donkey kicks

Dad’s do 5 merkins then plank in a long line
–Kids army crawl under

Riding the bear (Bear crawl with 2.0’s on backs) to Playground.
This proved to be more difficult than originally thought…

Break into two teams: The “Pink sparkly Kittens” vs. The Dolphins
FNG Sparkles had a hand in our name, go fig.

Relay race:
–Dads do burpees while 2.0’s run through playground, down slides, over picnic table, do 5 S.S. Hops on trampoline or ground and run back.

Kids army crawls
–Mountain Climbers and merkins with army crawls by 2.0’s, 5 S.S.H. and repito

Mosey to tennis courts

Burpee Tag: Dads Must do 5 burpees kids 3 s.s. hops on trampoline to be unfrozen.

Dodgeball: 5 1/2 burpees (Forgot name of this) for Dads and 5 S.S.H on Trampoline each time you get hit or step out of bounds (although Febreeze proved to have no boundaries)
FNG Sparkles and Bronco both took a tennis ball to the face like CHAMPS. Out of the 12 different types of balls I had Tennis balls were definitely the hardest. The goal was body shots only but Grass Hopper and Febreeze had other plans. Bronco got a bloody nose while Sparkles had to sit out for the last few rounds while I hoped against a black eye. She’s a tough girl!

Return for The tie breaker of the relay race but no definite winner could be claimed.

Piggy back rides back to Parking lot

Mary with a few random jokes added in.

COT, naming of FNG Grava (invited by Febreeze), 10 Y.O. Giraffe and 12 Y.O. Monkey and 10 Y.O. “Sparkles”.

Ball of Man and off for Sunflower Restaurant.

FGreat times today fellas. Its been a long time that I’ve wanted to have a child at a F3 Dad’s and Sparkles is a long time answer to prayer. I praise God for her and my M and I will love her and take care of her as long as she needs us. Thanks for bringing out the 2.0’s in the cold and trusting me to give them a fun, solid beatdown!


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