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F3 MeCa | August 18, 2019

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Hill Sprints and Mini Murph

  • When: 02/01/19
  • QIC: Grinder
  • The PAX: Filmore, Greek, Grinder, Kumquat, Parkour, Sparky, Ty Webb

Rise and shine gentlemen, it’s time for some Skywalker fun!  Seven men accepted the challenge of yet another sub zero (C) temp beatdown.  Kumquat strolled into the parking lot in shorts already sweating, the rest of us got warmed up a few minutes later.


  • YHC broke tradition here and did not start with a mosey.  Instead we knocked out a set of merkins to get the blood flowing before we headed up for the standard burpee wamrarama.  ‘
  • Carrying on with the burpee theme, we grabbed some wall for 2 sets of Burpee Muscle Ups and some Glute Bridges.
  • Mosey to the park with some downhill burpees on the way.  Lots of “cheering” at this point about the amount of burpees.  Thanks for the encouragement!  This would not be the last time the PAX had their poopy faces on.
  • Over to the BBall court for a nice little bear crawl/ crabwalk/ lunge walk/plank walk medley.
  • With all muscle groups sufficiently woken up, it was time to utilize the pull up bars with several rounds of the Mini Murph.
    • 5 Pull ups
    • 10 Merkins
    • 15 Squats
    • Run a lap
  • Time was running out and YHC had one more trick up his sleeve so we headed out to the street for the ultimate crowd pleaser:  Hill Spring Repeats!
    • After sprinting to the first stop point, the PAX were quite displeased when they were instructed to run back down the hill and do it again.
    • All in all, it was just 4 rounds of hill sprints but the look of your faces was priceless.  #Poopyfaces


  1. Use the exercises you practiced today safely.  #SuperbowlBabies are a real thing.
  2. Speaking of babies, @Greek shared great news about Scarlet Grace coming home from the hospital after spending the first 5 months of her life in NICU.  #AnsweredPrayer
  3. It was a pleasure to have @Parkour back in the cold fold.
  4. APB is still out for our British buddy.
  5. Thanks for playing along today, it was a pleasure to lead!

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