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F3 MeCa | December 8, 2019

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Sharknado debut at Tradition

YHC offered to Q Tradition today after he saw the request from Hotwheels on Slack a few days earlier.  It was my way of saying “Thank You” for a job well done on helping to plan the Gremlin event on 1/19/19.  I arrived at 0515 in my warm SUV waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to post.  Then, off in the distance….a little “bobbing” light.  As it got closer I could see it was a runner, then lo-and-behold, Gentle Grizzly ran over to post.  Tclaps to him!

With one minute to spare I thought it was just going to be the two of us.  Then, coming in “hot”, on 2 wheels, was Sterling, wearing shorts of course.  (Please don’t ask him why he does not wear long pants to these cold workouts…too graphic).  Then came Guinness and FedEx.  It was a officially a PARTY!

Now, 0531, lets get started with a little warm-o-rama….
SSH x10 (x denotes cadence)
MCer’s x10
Slow-3 count Merkins x10
Windmill x10
IST’s x10

Mosey over to the pull-up bars where we did…
LOUSY DISCLAIMER (almost forgot)
30 second hang to stretch out shoulders
Knees to chest x10 OYO

Mosey to the Church covered awning for some…
Balls to the wall w 10 hip slaps OYO (5ea side)
Donkey Kicks x10
Hey, wait, where is Sterling?  Where did he run off to?  Ahhhh, when nature calls…..

Mosey back to the Flag for …..The Thang – SHARKNADO!!
Thanks to the Dawghouse for sharing this sucky workout.  Not doing it for time but rather to share the experience with the group so that maybe they can use it for a beatdown one day on their own.  Here is how it went…

Pax does…
15 Burpees – take a lap (approx 1/8 mile loop around the parking lot, return to Flag)
20 Diamond Merkins – take a lap
20 WWII’s- take a lap
20 Merkins – take a lap
20 Scorpian Dry Docks – take a lap
Repeato till 6ish-o-clock
(We all completed 2 full rounds)

Mosey over to the Picnic tables for a little descending ladder….
10,8,6,4,2 of-Step-ups, Dips, Decline Merkins

Mosey back to the Flag for some Mary (Round Robin)
Othello- The “W” x10
Sterling-Homer to Marge/Low Flutter x10
FedEx-Pretzel Crunch x10 (L/R)
Gentle Grizzly – Box Cutter x10
Guinness – Crunchy Frog x10


1. Healthy Eating Challange – interested?  You can still partake…contact Guinness ASAP!
2.  #RedPillChallenge – Interested?  You can still partake…contact Deuce ASAP!
3.  The Gremlin – January ??, 2020 – Be There!  Mark your calendars now! 😉

Guinness’ niece past away from a car accident the other day.  Please pray for her soul, comfort for the family and safe travels to Guinness as he travels to be with family.

1.  Thought no one was going to show but glad you four did!  Always an honor to lead you men and look forward to seeing more of you in 2019.
2.  Sterling – I hope you used good “Boy Scout” skills with that smelly pyramid you produced #leavenotrace
3.  FedEx – strong work brother – always good seeing you put in 110%!! Aye!
4.  Gentle Grizzly – on the mend my friend, thanks for posting!  Strong work and extra kudos for the pre-run.  And yes, the water trucks at the Gremlin were awesome indeed!
5.  Guinness – As usual, you are a beast my friend, crunchy frog is your JAM!  I pray for comfort for you and your family with the loss of your niece.  If you need anything, please reach out.


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