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F3 MeCa | August 17, 2019

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Passing of the Flag

  • When: 01/31/19
  • QIC: Jimmy Buffett
  • The PAX: Boucher, Golden Boy, Heatstroke, Jimmy Buffett, Kilowatt, Life Alert, Love Seat, Manwich, Pox, Project, Soprano, Sparky, Steel Cannon, Sugar, The Bear

Did 15 HIMs come out to see who Heatstroke would appoint to take his role as Master Q of Rolling Stone? Or did 15 come out because they wanted to be able to say they posted in 20 degree temps? Or did 15 come out because holding each other accountable, rain or shine, frost or heat, is how we all get better? Regardless, 15 came out, 15 got better.

Heatstroke needed to get some mileage for his marathon in 10 days so he took off through the neighborhood. Here’s what the other 14 did:

Disclaimer to watch out for curbs and speed bumps. It’s cold, let’s mosey.

  • Into the teacher’s parking lot running up the line of every parking spot, shuffle to the right, quadraphillia down the parking spot… all the way across the lot.

Circle up for Warmarama because the street light will keep us warm.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 25 in cadence
  • Cotton Pickers x 10 in cadence
  • Windmills x 10 in cadence
  • Imperial Storm Troopers (per Skywalker as the exicon actually calls them Imperial Walkers) x 10 in cadence

Yes, you burn more calories the colder it is. Body burns those calories to keep warm. Let’s continue:

  • Merkin Medley
    1. Merkins x 5 in cadence
    2. Tempo Merkins x 5 in cadence
    3. Merkins x 5 in cadence
    4. Tempo Merkins x 5 in cadence

Mosey to the school entrance for The Thang because that first light wasn’t warm enough:

  • Dips x 25, run a lap. Repeato x 4
  • Squats x 25, run a lap. Repeato x 4
  • Merkins x 25, run a lap. Repeato x 2
  • World War II Sit-ups x 25, run a lap x 2
  • Merkins x 25, run a lap. Repeato x 2.
  • Laps cycled through regular mosey, half mosey/half quadraphellia, half mosey/half lateral, half mosey/half lateral flapjacked. (Is that the term?)


  • Mason Twist x 25 in cadence
  • Little Baby Crunch x 25 in cadence
  • Circle of Pain with high and low planks until Heatstroke finds us. Probably made it around circle about 10 times, Pox stopped counting and clock struck 6:15.
  • Recover, Recover.


  • Congratulations to Heatstroke on taking over the MECA region Nant’an position. Not really sure what that means but it seems important. Sugar has been in this role and as he is a role model in all that he does, I’m sure it is a position of great importance. Good luck. And thanks to Sugar for making F3 and MECA the great organizations they are today.
  • YHC is taking over as Master Q of Rolling Stone for Heatstroke. I am delighted to take over this role and continue to help the HIM of Rolling Stone to grow and lead as they are destined to do.
  • First order of business, however, will of course be to teach everyone the correct spelling of Jimmy Buffett. Two Ts!!!!
  • Prayers for all of those who are injured or dealing with personal issues. Modify as necessary, and we are all here for you.
Jimmy Buffett


  1. Brilliant beatdown Jimmy and an example to newer Qs that simplicity can kill! Congrats on the new role.

  2. Heatstroke

    Congrats and thanks for stepping up JB! Sorry to miss the beatdown itself…I can’t wait for this running to be over. Looking forward to your leadership of RS.

  3. Jimmy Buffett

    Thanks guys. I’ve had good training from 2 of the best in MECA!

  4. kilowatt

    Really excited to see the hand-off among a bunch of true HIMs.

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