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F3 MeCa | August 16, 2019

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Long legs and short legs…

  • When: 1/29/19
  • QIC: Pharaoh
  • The PAX: Talladega, Bulleye, Spauldini, Sausage, Bunion, Dr Seuss, Hokie Pokie, Habs, Buck, Torch, Pharaoh, Rerun, Othello, Noe (FNG), Hop Hunter

YHC is providing this backblast from the desk of the wise and powerful Pharaoh (aka… the Q).  The Q used his powers to influence 15 Dawgs to post in the gloom for yet another strong showing for a cruise.  The Dawgs have been bringing it for weeks now… not just for beatdowns, but also for the run days and the results are showing.

His iminense (Paraoh) took charge and split the Dawgs into 2 groups… the long legs and the short legs.  It was really the run faster and a little longer group and the run a little less fast and a little shorter distance group… but YHC likes Long legs and Short legs.  This seemed to work well as both groups knock out good mileage and all arrived back at the kennel around the same time.  Evidently all short legs are not created equal as we learned from Dr Seuss that Asian short legs are in their own category and at a slight disadvantage (or not).  By the looks of how Seuss is improving YHC believe Seuss has bought into some fake news…. keep pushing brother!  Also welcome to FNG Noe (?).  He came out for his first cruise and ran with the the long legs to knock out a very strong first showing… Great job!

Strong work men!  #ironsharpensiron



  • Dial-Up has the Wednesday Q.  Let’s answer the call!
  • Redpill Challenge has started.  Set a goal for posting in the winter months.  Signup up here: More information in the pre-blast



  • Prayers for Hop Hunters Father-in-law
  • Prayers for the niece of Guinness
  • Prayers for Hokey Pokie’s mom and her recovery.
  • All unspoken prayers



15 men for the cruise is pretty darn cool.  This time a year ago, we would be doing good to have 4 guys out in the cold on cruise days.  Now the Dawgs are showing in large numbers on run days.  As YHC approached the Dawg House, it made me just laugh out load in appreciation seeing how full the parking was looking for a Tuesday.  Glad to see that Torch found his running shoes.  Buck showed he has just been playing possum about this running thing.  Last but not least great having special guest star Othello out drawing the bird today.  Awesome work guys!


Hop Hunter


  1. Pharaoh

    @HopHunter – way to pace the long leg group and for your witty prose!
    Short leg group killed it today and I am looking forward to promoting some of them!

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