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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Return of the Burg!

  • When: 1/28/19
  • QIC: Rooster
  • The PAX: The Burg, Gunny, Sir Topham hatt, Backdraft, Grandmaster, Cupid, Chicken Strip, Justin Lasky now “Daytona”, & Jared Rooks now “Survivor”

9 men decided to hit the week running. 1 man was running late and unable to find Pax until Mary, but conquered the loop alone.

Warmarama –

SSH x 15 IC

Mountain climbers x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 10 IC

Cotton pickers x10 IC

The Thang:

What better way to welcome back The Burg than head over to Vance Street for a Fire Chicken Special: run to intersection and back-then to church door and back-then to next intersection and back and finally all the way to Main street and back.

Indian run back to parking deck (cut through Foodlion parking lot and long way around horseshoe).  In parking deck it was a run up ramps to 2nd floor then down stairwell, repeat run up ramp to 3rd floor then down starirwell, continuing until Q called for Mary as time expired.  In total we covered 3.6+/- with much hill work.


WW2 x 10

Core Killers x10

1 minute Plank

Prayers/Announcements:  Prayers for Trick.  Begin training for upcoming GOMR.


Awesome group of guys today, not only did we have 2 FNGS come back and get named but The Burg returned from nearly 2.5 months away(great to see you with us again my friend).  Justin Lasky will now be forever known as Daytona, and Jared Rooks will be known as Survivor-welcome to Kannon as we are excited to have you apart of our group. My advice would be to watch out for Chicken Strip, he’s been known to Merlot during workouts (you’ll learn what that is later).  And be cautious around Backdraft as he’s old, grumpy and opinionated (but we claim him since Concord doesn’t want him-LOL). Now on to the guy that showed up late for the workout and had to run alone.  Chicken Strip, you nearly scared me to death running up on us for Mary with my back turned like a thief in the night.  I nearly pulled an Amway on the spot (FNG’s will learn what that means later).  To you new guys, don’t get discouraged during the workouts as you will get stronger and we aim to help you along the way.

Great start to the week Gentlemen and hope to see everyone on Wednesday.

It’s more than a workout.

Till next time, Rooster

Fire Chicken

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