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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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First Murph of 2019

  • When: 01/28/19
  • QIC: Teen Spirit
  • The PAX: FNG (Hot Spot), FNG (Hot Rack), Helga, Bearclaw, Flip Phone, Clueless, ReRun, Teen Spirit, SS Minnow

Nine fine men gathered this morning to honor our armed forces and the memory of Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy through our monthly running of the Murph. Your humble Q took off running promptly at 5:30AM leaving 2 FNG’s behind, possibly bewildered. Thank You Fliphone for picking up my slack and hastiness and helping them along the path to betterment.


As usual, always modify as necessary.

  • Run One Mile
  • 10 pull ups
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 air squats
  • Repeat exercises X 10 (10 sets)
  • Run One Mile


Fliphone kindly reminded your QIC that there was still 3 min. remaining upon the return to the parking lot. Though he promised no thinking would be needed, we came up with

  • LBC’s
  • The Squirm
  • 30 second plank (As Clueless points to cover the last 1 minute) #badMathByQ

Helga took us out with his usual eloquent prose.


A series of events are coming up in the latter part of winter and early spring. Stay tuned as events arise.

Fliphone mentioned another game day at the orphanage at the end of March. Details to come. Ideas and help are welcome.

Teen Spirit


  1. SoloCup

    Hot Spot and Hot Rack….nice

  2. Teen Spirit

    Tag now added manually I think.

  3. Teen Spirit

    An alternative was Wet Spot and Wet Rack but I decided to just keep that to myself.

    *Hot racking (also known as hot bunking or hot bedding) is the sanctioned practice within military organizations of assigning more than one crew member to a bed or “rack” to reduce berthing (sleeping) space. #TheMoreYouKnow

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