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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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F3 deck of cards were feisty

  • When: 1/26/19
  • QIC: Amway
  • The PAX: Guinness, Hokey Pokey, 4-wide, Audit, Red Card, ChaChi, Moola, Habs. In the Runners bracket: Hop Hunter, Pharaoh, Talladega, Big Blue

9 Pax and 4 running Dawgs got out of bed on a chilly 21′ degree Saturday morning looking to better themselves no matter what… As the 4 running Dawgs headed out in the gloom, the rest of the pax headed to warmarama….
Warmarama (Mosey to tennis courts for warmup)
  • 46 side straddle hops IC (Q’s Birthday reps)
  • 15 slow cotton pickers IC
  • 10 Hill billys IC
THE THANG (YHC purchased some F3 workout cards for his Bday)

The cards were shuffled and each pax chose one card to start the 1st round. 9 exercises were performed per round. Some were IC and some OYO. We got through 4 rounds equaling 36 exercises of a mix of: core, cardio, lower and upper body. JOKERS were special. If a Joker was pulled then that pax got to choose which exercise to skip in the round.

**after round 2 we took an easy stroll lap around urgent care bldg to catch our breaths.

Not going to list all the exercises done, but here are the highlights:

  • 2 Aces were pulled ( calf raises and SSH) ** audible called on the SSH, stick to 46 IC
  • A lot of merkins
  • one joker got pulled – Backwards running was eliminated

All in all, the F3 deck of cards was great to have and can be played in multiple ways. We sweat, we breathed hard and burned some of calories.

Mosey to shelter for Mary
  • 15 dying cockroach IC
  • 10 Leg climbers IC
  • Habs 1min Abs

Recover Recover …

Announcements and prayers
  • F3 Meca Winter Gala tonight at 8pm @ 26 Acres
  • F3 Healthy eating challenge
  • F3 Red Pill Challenge
  • Lots of prayers for Guinness and his Family as they deal with the passing of his niece (Lydia) in a car accident last night.
  • Continued prayers from Hokie Pokie’s Mom fighting cancer.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17
It was a pleasure leading you guys this morning…
  • On January 26, 2019

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