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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Birthday Beatdown Dawghouse Style

  • When: 01/25/19
  • QIC: YellowCake
  • The PAX: 5G, Dial-Up, Kojak, Submarine, Spauldini, Talladega, Pharoah, Hokey-Pokey, Chicken Strip, Bullseye, Jordache, Berlin, Dr. Suess, 4-Wide, Beetlejuice, Torch, Bunion, Sausage, Hop-Hunter, Uecker, FNG William now known as Airsoft, Terrible Towel, Shooter, A-Rod visiting from Tennessee, Habs, Rerun, Rosinbag, Buck, YellowCake

YHC signed up to Q today because Sunday will  mark my 41st birthday.  When I let it be known it was my birthday celebration, the pax didn’t let me down; 29, that’s right, 29 men showed up for a birthday beatdown bash.  

I knew some of the exercises would be done with coupons, but instead of making the pax take the time to run and get the concrete blocks and tires typically stored at the Dawghouse, I loaded up the truck with various logs I had recently cut and strategically parked it where it would be needed.  That made for interesting mumblechatter as the pax sized up the logs.

We partied by doing exercises that begin with the letters in the word “birthday”, and did 41 reps of each.  It went like this:


SSHs IC x 20

Imperial Storm Troopers IC x 16

Arm circles

Michael Phelps

Mosey to the courtyard


B – Burpees x 41

I – Incline Merkins x 41

R – Run 4 laps around the parking lot equals 1 mile

T – Thigh Master x 41 with coupon (41 lunges each leg)

H – Hand Release Merkins x 41

D- Dips x 41

A- Arms, bicep curls x 41 with coupon + tricep extensions x 41 with coupon

Y – You decide, 41 reps of something.  Each pax got to decide.

Mosey back to Mary


ABCs:  Like 6 inches, except each member of the pax calls out each letter of the alphabet and everyone draws the letter in the air with their feet.  This is where we decided the dawgs are strong, but alphabetical order is not their strongpoint. 

LBCs x 41, OYO

J-Lo’s x 41.  J-Lo’s were not part of the original plan, but the pax asked for it, so YHC obliged. 


Announcements and prayer requests.

Dial-Up’s wife is having surgery

Support Torch raising money for kids cancer.  He’ll do 10 burpees for every dollar and he is going to shave his head.

Healthy Eating Challenge starts Jan 28.

Rosinbag leaves this week for Spring Training.  We gave him instruction that when he gets interviewed after a win, he needs to mention F3Nation and the F3 Dawghouse!  Buck will let us know when Rosinbag is going to play in CLT.

F3 Winter Party on Saturday, January 26th at Twenty Six Acres Brewery in Concord.

Harrisburg challenged The Dawghouse to donate more pounds of food to the food pantry than Harrisburg.  Bag or box the food, weigh it, write the total weight and “Dawghouse” on it, then deliver to the Harrisburg workouts on Saturdays.  See Slack for more info.



  • We’ve had big numbers showing up this month at The Dawghouse.  I had hoped to get 18-20 men there today.  I was overwhelmed, overjoyed, and thankful to see 29 out there in the gloom.  Keep it up.  The power of the fartsack is strong, but the power of iron sharpening iron is stronger.   
  • Lots of good mumblechatter this morning, starting when it was announced we would start with 41 burpees.  Someone wanted to change the birthday celebration to 5G’s.  I think I heard someone say we never had this many men when Pharoah was the MQ.  Pharoah replied 41 burpees was never a thing when he was MQ.  Or something like that.
  • T-claps to Dial-Up for continuing to bring his 2.0, 5G, out and exposing him to this.
  • T-claps to 5G because once during the run I saw him running the opposite direction and he said “I’m going to pick up the pax.”
  • T-claps to Uecker, probably our biggest social media cheerleader, constantly encouraging guys to show up.  I have no doubt his cheering has encouraged men to beat the fartsack.
  • FNG William got his name today and will now be known as Airsoft.  Welcome Airsoft!
  • A-Rod is from Tennessee and is in town for a conference.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back anytime!

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