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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Panty Hose Optional

  • When: 01/22/19
  • QIC: Practice
  • The PAX: Helga, Tar Tar, Clueless, Wexler, Dick Tracy, Posh, SS Minnow, Dr. Lecter, Practice

9 HIM overcame the fartsack tractor beam and made the choice to take the DRP on the frozen tundra of Hickory Ridge HS. Great to see Wexler out this morning keeping the mind sharp even if the body is still healing. Three he-men (Posh, Dick Tracy, Helga) earned the “Frosty Balls” award and did not wear long pants or panty hose. YHC tried to keep everyone’s body parts nice and toasty with a strength/aerobic beatdown. Here’s how it went down….

Indian line zig zag to warm-o-rama
– Windmills
– Monkey humpers

Mosey to The Wall
– Carolina Dry Dock
– Sprint to poles and back
– People’s Chair w/ arm presses and leg lifts
– Sprint to poles and back
– Balls to the Wall
– Sprint to poles and back


Mosey to picnic tables
– Dips
– Bobby Hurley’s
– Reverse lunges (call an audible-thanks for suggestion Clueless)


Mosey around school to Portico
– Merkins

Mosey to Mary
– Jane Fonda’s – both legs
– Homer to Marge
– Jane Fonda’s – both legs
– Pickle Pounders
– Jane Fonda’s – both legs

CPR class this coming Saturday, 1/26. Slots still open. Talk to @Wexler on slack to HC.

QSource Grinder this Saturday, 1/26, 8:30am, Rocky River Coffee Company

Winter party the evening of 1/26.

Fellowship of the idiots run (19.7 mile run from Albemarle up to Morrow mountain and back) on February 9th

Orphanage game day coming up on March 23rd

Keep an eye out for Food Bank requests for donations


Great turnout today and solid “no quit”. Always an honor to lead.


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