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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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The Gremlin – MECA Inaugural CSAUP – 1/19/2019

  • When: 01/19/19
  • QIC: F3 MECA #HIM's
  • The PAX: #1, 10and2, 2-Step, 4-Wide, Amway, Astrovan, Avalanche, Barrister, Beetle Juice, Big Bird, Big League Chew, Big Tuna, Blowout, Blue Crush, Bobtail, The Body, Booter, Brinkley, Buckwheat, Chicken Strip, Chum, Clover, Convoy, Dana, Dark Helmet, Deadwood, Deuce, Dingo, Disaster, Dr. Lecter, El Albogado, Exit 54, The Farm, FedEx, Fire Chicken, Flip Phone, Greek, Gamma, Gentle Grizzly, Ginseng, Gooney, Gordo, Guinness, Gunny, Hammer, Head and Shoulders, Heatstroke, Helga, Hipbone, Hong Kong Phooey, Hop Hunter, Hot Wheels, Hugo13, Jimmy Buffet, Kavorkian, Kilowatt, King Julian, King Louie, Kojak, Laser, Lil'Buddy, Loafer, Man Down, Manwich, Meola, Mogwai (Greg - FNG), Morning Wood, Motown, Oboe, ONJ, Othello, Pharaoh, Photon, Posh, Practice, Project, R2D2, Recalculating, Redcard, Rerun, Robins Nest, Rooster, Royal, Runway (FIA), Schoolbus, Scooter, Shooter, SirTopham, Sizzlean, Skipper, Snoop, Softwood, Solo Cup, Sparky, Spauldini, SS Minnow, Steel Cannon, Sterling, Sugar, Sun Dollars, Talladega, Tootsie, Total Package, Tough Skins, Trail Mix, Tug Boat Willie, Urlacher, Vacation

Approximately one hundred and eight (108) F3 MECA brothers and guests, not including friends of the family and supporters, attended the first inaugural running of  the F3 MECA CSAUP called,  The Gremlin.

For those who didn’t know Gremlin, he was an F3 Mint Hill Pax member who passed away after a running workout in Jan. 2018 due to a heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Tonya, and three beautiful daughters: Sophia, Gabrielle and Alina. Rick was a UNCC alumni and member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, hence the workout was held on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

This CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless) event, honored and forever memorialized his name.  All sixteen MECA AO’s provided Q’s to lead various pain stations broken down as “Quadrants” throughout the 9-11 mile trek (depending on your watch) around the UNCC campus that morning.  The Quadrant Q’s were as follows:

Quadrant 1 Q’s: Boondocks (Big Tuna), Comanche (Buckwheat), Concord (Hipbone), Kannon (Fire Chicken)
Quadrant 2 Q’s: Afton (Chicken Strip), Davis Lake (Softwood), Harrisburg (Scooter), Highlands (Barrister)
Quadrant 3 Q’s: Mineshaft (Astrovan), Mint Hill (Chum), Rolling Stone (Jimmy Buffet), Skywalker (Greek)
Quadrant 4 Q’s: Dawg House (Kojak), Precinct (Skipper), Valley (The Farm), Tradition (Guinness)

The Thang
0530 PAX Arrived at West Deck 3rd Floor
-Sign-in and provide emergency contact information
0600 – Pax Headed up to Deck Roof
-General intro, announce EMT’s/Medics
-Mint Hill AO led Warm-o-Rama on West Deck roof
0620 – Pax Departed with Shovel flags to Quadrant 1 – Alumni Pavilion.
0630 – Round 1 begins
0730 – Pax Traveled to Quadrant 2 – North Deck
0745 – Round 2 begins
0845 – Pax Traveled to Quadrant 3 – Open Area behind Kennedy/Rowe Buildings
0900 – Round 3 begins
1000 – Pax Traveled to Quadrant 4 – Halton Arena Clock Tower
1010 – Round 4 begins
1110 – Pax returned to West Deck
1115 – Pax pushed truck(s) up parking deck to roof
1145 – Pinto Family Introduction, COT, Refreshments, 2nd F, Go Home

Click here to view The Gremlin – UNCC Quadrant Map

Special Thanks to…..
The Gremlin Planning Committee!!  These guys took time away from their families on multiple Monday evenings over the last three months to help add their expertise to make this a fantastic event.  It could not have been done without their braintrust.  Much appreciated men!! (Chicken Strip, Big Tuna, Robins Nest, Mighty Mouse, Cupid, 2Step, Rerun, Kojak, Wexler, Scooter, Practice, Fire Chicken, Astrovan, Chum, Highchair, Gentle Grizzly, Greek, Guinness, The Farm, Buckwheat, Man Down- cobains to others I may have missed.)

1. Payton Stull (Kappa Sig), Gentle Grizzly, Tootsie & Runway (FIA) – for donating their Trucks and providing water support throughout the event.
2. Astrovan – Designing the shirts and printing the signs for the event
3. Gunny, Ginseng & Michael W- for providing EMT/Medic support
4. Sizzlean & Lazer – for donating the much needed food and refreshments for the after party
5.  Kilowatt – for all the Gremlin Coms
6.  Chicken Strip – for developing the Pre-Blast and sign up links
7.  Chum – for the Website Banner
8.  Robins Nest, HighChair, Practice, Photon, Mrs. Othello – for helping out with set-up, the registration table, meal prep. etc, etc, etc.
9. Helga & Total Package – for riding their bikes and providing Pax support
10.  R2D2 & Toughskins – for their awesome photography that memorialized the event
11.  Steel Cannon – whose extra coolers and buckets saved the day!
12.  UNCC – for allowing us the use of the Campus for this legendary event!
13.  Everyone else who I may have forgotten or overlooked (not intentionally) who helped, set-up, plan, organize, participate, breakdown and clean-up that day.  You are ALL F3 MECA #HIM’s!

F3 MECA – at their finest -The Gremlin 1/19/2019



  1. Othello

    It was an honor to be part of this, I know Gremlin would be proud. Next time you find a “heads-up” penny, know that he is looking out for you! Aye!

  2. I commend you Othello for the level of organization that you showed throughout the entire planning for this event. This event went about as smooth as it possibly could have. For a first year event I expected some bumps in the road but there were ZERO!!! It was so great to see guys that didn’t know each other to encourage guys throughout the whole time. This was awesome and I can’t wait til next year.

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