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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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Deck of Death

  • When: 01/21/2019
  • QIC: Project
  • The PAX: Golden Boy, Heatstroke, Kilowatt, Manwich, Pox, Project, Schnitzel, Ty Webb

YHC had a great idea to commemorate the MLK holiday and had planned for a special themed beatdown.  Alas, too much celebrating over the weekend during championship playoffs had YHC Q’ing in recovery and on the fly.  Deck of death it was with a promise of no mosey after the 10 miles from the Gremlin and a reminder of the last KB beatdown included a 5K (+/-) courtesy of Kilowatt.  8 PAX got the disclaimer and moved to the HT lot for some light.


SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Imperial Storm Troopers x 15 IC

The Thang

The PAX were given a deck of 54 cards (including the 2 Jokers), as well as reference sheets.  Each PAX would draw a card and the suit determined the exercise.  PAX completed the number of reps for each card, plus 10.  2-10 = 10 plus face value in reps, J = 21, Q = 22, K = 23 and A = 24.  Joker was Q’s choice (Because he’s funny like that).


Round 1

♥ = Tricep extensions

♣ = KB Thrusts

♦ = Bicep Curls

♠ = Shoulder Press

2 rounds


Round 2

♥ = Overhead press

♣ = Goblet Squats

♦ = Calf raises

♠ = Chest Press

2 rounds


Round 3

♥ = Sumo Squats

♣ = KB Swings

♦ = Halo’s

♠ = Figure 8’s

2 rounds



V ups with KB IC x 10

Freddy Mercury’s with KB x 20 IC

LBC’s with KB x 30 IC

Recover, recover.



Prayer requests for Gremlin’s family, Marie’s family, Heastroke’s dad, Whatley in recovery and the numerous families with health issues, as well as those who have passed.




F3 Beer Release Party: The Suffolk Punch, 2911 Griffith St. Charlotte, NC 28203 Wednesday, Jan 23 5:30pm


F3 Winter Gala: January 26, 2019. 26 Acres Brewery 8:00pm. Q: Grinder. RSVP LINK


FREE CPR Training – January 26, 2019.  Harrisburg Fire Station.  Harrisburg is hosting a free CPR training at Harrisburg Fire Station.  Heatstroke will be posting more details soon.




  1. kilowatt

    It was good to see 1/2 of our Gremlin contingent in the frosty gloom. I can tell you that getting there and getting through it today was quite the challenge.

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