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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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Will you be Q-ing in 10 years?

  • When: 01/17/19
  • QIC: Guinness
  • The PAX: Urlacker, Tonto, Osceola, Mandown, Sterling, FedEx , Gentle Grizzly, Herbie, Royal, ONJ, Guinness ONJ

11 fearlessly descended into the gloom of a crisp 31 degree cloudless morning. This is what they did:


Side Straddle Hop x20 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x20 IC
Cotton Pickers x20 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Low slow squats x20 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Plank Jacks x20 IC
Merckens x15IC

The Thang
Mosey to Wall Of Pain
Balls to the Wall
Donkey Kicks x20
Kick Thrus x10 each leg
Wall Taps x20
People’s Chair

Mosey to Front Of Retirement Home

Shoulder Tap Merkins x10IC
Surrender Jump Squats x20
Walk ups x20

Mosey to Church Entrance
Burpees x10
WW2 Sit Ups

Bear Crawl
Forward Crab Walks
Backward Crab Walk
Forward Lunges
Backward Lunges

Jump Squats x20
Plank Heel Raises x10 each leg

Mosey to Pull up Bars

Pull Ups x10
Dips x10
Chin ups x10 or 20
Dips x10 or 20

Mosey to Picnic Table

Step ups x10 each leg
Dips x20
Incline Merckens x10IC
Derkens x10IC
Burpees x10

Flutter Kicks x15IC
Russian Twist x15IC
Box Cutters x15IC
Crunchy Frogs x15IC
Plank 1 minute

Great work by all the Pax this morning. Well done, Tonto, for your second post. There is no way that I would get up at 5.00am for a Beatdown without the presence and support of other pax. For 5 years I am been posting for F3 Beatdowns and this morning was no different. I am thankful for the gift of health and the ability to post. I don’t take the gift of health for granted nor do I take the gift of F3 for granted. Thank you
Urlacker, Tonto, Osceola, Mandown, Sterling, FedEx , Gentle Grizzly, Herbie, Royal, and ONJ for your decision to post this morning and each morning you post. Busyness, Motivation, Injury, Illness and even death are impedances to maintaining health. Health is a gift while we have it. Royal informed me this morning that he plans to be posting in 10 years when he will be 70. It is my hope and desire that I will be signing up to Q in 10 years too. Let’s do this! See you in the gloom!

Announcements: The Gremlin, Winter Party
Prayer: Mandown’s grandmother passing away last night. Prayer for Mandown’s family. Brutus and Landlord’s trip to Uganda. John Reilly’s cancer. Guinness’ sister in law, Cathy, dealing with one lung infection recovery.


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