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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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The Chain Gang – Round 1

  • When: 01/15/2019
  • QIC: How Wheels
  • The PAX: Brutus, Man Down, Skipper, FedEx, ONJ, Sterling, Gentle Grizzly, Pavlov, EPA, Osceola, Guinness, Herbie, Royal, Hot Wheels, and FNG => Tonto

37 degrees, 15 PAX including an FNG and a visitor from out of town, could the day get any better!

“The Chain Gang” is a partner AMRAP, in Pairs of two’s partner start and finish together.  It is a 1.27 Mile loop with 10 pain stations.  Start Finish line is located at the Precinct’s Intake section of the compound.

And goes something like this….

Run up Katelyn Drive to Trehurst to Station #1 20 Mercins

Continue Run up Katelyn to Prosperity Church to Station #2 20 Dips

Turn and Run back down Katelyn to Silvermere for Station #3 20 Mason Twist

Continue on Katelyn, Right on Saxonbury, Right on Avon Farm to Station #4 20 Squats

Run to the bottom of Avon Farm for Station #5 20 Burpees *the fan favorite

Run back up Avon Farm to Garden Grove for Station #6 20 Monkey Humpers

Continue Run up Avon Farm to the Cell Block for Stations #7 20 Mercins ( again ) and #8 20 Curls with Cinder Blocks

Run out of the Cell Block to the Great Wall for Station #9 20 Muscle ups

Run to the Gun Range for the final Station #10 20 Pull Up

Return the Start/Finish line and get as much as you can.

This is an AMRAP event so keep track of your progress.  A google Doc will be posted to keep track of your progress this year. Score yourself by counting the number of completed LAP’s and the completed stations during a partial lap.  As an Example if you complete a full lap and progressed though the stations to fully complete Stations #5, your score is 1.5, or is If you completed 2 Laps and progressed though the stations to fully complete Stations #2, your score is 2.2.

FNG was Named Tonto

EPA visiting from Grenville Welcome

Gremlin this Saturday – Everybody post for at least a portion of the event. Sign up here.

Prayer Brutus and Landlord for the Mission they depart on this Thursday. And full recovery for travel partner from the FLU.  John Reily’s full recovery from Cancer, 1 more chemo and re screen in two weeks.  He can feel the prayers and feel the heeling, God is at Work here – keep your faith Strong for John.



  1. HotWheels

    Great Turn Out, made it a lot of Fun!

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