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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Old Glory comes to Piledriver

  • When: 01/14/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Cocktail, Big League Chew, Hugo, Ribshack, Booyah, ToughSkins, The Body, PacMan, Othello

No one signed up to lead this weeks #Piledriver pain installment so YHC took matters in his own hands.  Unlocking the vault for a peek into the past, I decided that it was time again to run “Old Glory.”  Pax arrived, the time was 0530 and we began….

SSH x20 (x denotes cadence)

Grab the shovel flag….by the way, where was our shovel flag?  Oh yeah, it was with our Master Q who decided to Fartsack today.  Let this be a lesson that maybe we don’t let the same person take the Shovel Flag home every day! This way, it might have a better chance of being at the beatdown, especially on a day where we are doing “Old Glory” and need to carry it on our mile run?!

Don’t worry, YHC to the rescue with the Mineshaft Flag that was in his car from last week….lesson learned.

Someone grab the Flag and start running the 1/2 mile up the road to the “blinking light” by the Fire Station.  When you get too tired to carry the flag, switch off with another Pax, no one runs faster or ahead of the Flag.  Pick up the six.

While running, YHC remembered….THE DISCLAIMER.  It was shouted out while we were all running and we were better for it!

Once back at the Park the faster Pax did Low flutters until the six arrived.  Then YHC explained the next part of the beatdown:

Running to each corner of the parking lot we will do 20 Merkins at corner 1, 20 Jump Squats at Corner 2, 20 Burpees at corner 3, and 20 WWII’s at Corner 4.  Repeato OYO until YHC calls time.

At 0600 YHC gathered the troops and grabbed the Mineshaft Flag, wish we had ours there too ;-( and began our last journey back to the “blinking light”.  This time making sure we had different Pax carrying the Flag, pick up the six.

While waiting for the six we did a round of Mary, each pax offering up their favorite exercise. When the six arrived we did one more round of Mary and then…recover.


1. The Gremlin is this Saturday.  Our AO has 100% participation! (from our regular attendees).  It will be a great time so try to make it if you can.  I would like you all to show-up at 0530 to get checked in help set up a few things before we start at 0600 sharp!  Many hands make light work!!
2.  Prayers for the Pinto Family on the anniversary of Ricks Death (yesterday, 1/13)

COT – YHC took us out

1.  Thanks for coming out Cocktail (friend of Booyah).  He has just moved to the area from another section of town, been with F3 for a while.  Let’s give him a warm welcome and wrap him into our fold.
2.  Strong work out there by EVERYONE today.  Old Glory is no joke.  The mile run at the beginning and end was tough enough but the 4 corners was brutal.  How many “rounds” did you do?  Keep track for the next time to guage your progress.
3.  Thank you to all who signed up to Q on future Monday’s.  If you haven’t, please see me.  I mean, even Cocktail signed up and this was his first day at Mint Hill!!  #Strong #Leader #HIM
4.  Get ready for a great time next Saturday at the Gremlin!  He will be watching…..and smiling.


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