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F3 MeCa | June 3, 2020

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Wait… what?

  • When: 01/12/19
  • QIC: Murdock (not Gump)
  • The PAX: Duffle Bag, Stretchy, Avalanche, Drop Cloth, Gordo, Disaster, Glock, Sandman, ONG, Brinkley, Power Ball, Hammer, Oboe, Easy Rider

After it was clear that there would be no mutiny today and that the approaching UFO lights were just some guys out for a walk…

We proceed to a brief warmarama with some SSH and Imperial Storm Troopers.

The Pax (and those guys out for a walk) proceeded over to the lot by the snack shack where they found two 25 pound weights.

Each PAX carries both weights to the fire hydrant and back – calling out the exercise for the rest of the PAX while they were in transit.

Pair up.  Partner 1 does Diamond Merkins while Partner 2 does lunges down the parking lot.  Swap out after 10 Diamond Merkins.  Go to the bottom of the lot.

Same pairs.  Partner 1 gets in the wheel barrel.  Partner 2 pushes up the lot to the island.  Calls our the exercise for the rest of the Pax to do while in transit.  Switch at the island and call out a new exercise…  or not.  Once all the Pax have gone – repeat but switch who pushes uphill vs downhill.


We all thought we weren’t that kind of mens’ group.  Well, Disaster claims to know what side Glock’s junk hangs on.  So… maybe we are after all?



  1. Pressured @Murdock into a backblast. Immediately regretted.

  2. Disaster

    In my defense @glock is the one who wore the 1980’s era running shorts without compression tights. We ALL know a lot more about @glock than we did this morning, especially @hammer.

    • Disaster

      Clearly this was the wrong day to do the Roalita 😳

  3. I’ve never made such intentional and focused eye contact! Not sure what you were looking at @disaster. 🧐

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