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F3 MeCa | June 20, 2019

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It Burns, Burns, Burns, The Ring of Fire

  • When: 01/12/19
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Red Card, 4 Wide, Pharaoh, Hop Hunter, Moolah, Berlin, Huggy Bear, Audit (formerly FNG Joe), Hokey Pokey, Yellow Cake, Shooter, Habs, Booter, Extractor,

14 pax (12 on the boot camp, 2 runners) came out to better themselves on a slightly warmer than expected Saturday morning for a Man in Black themed beat down, with several Rings of Fire to feel the Burn, Burn, Burn.  YHC had pain station routines set up for at least 10 pax and remove a few if the numbers weren’t as high, but Q had to audible with more pax than anticipated by adding a couple of pain stations.

Here’s how it went:

The Warm-o-rama:

  • A short mosey from the lot, around the tennis courts and onto the courts for the Warm-o-rama  which consisted of:  SSHs (x15 IC), Hillbillies (x15 IC), Cotton-Pickers, long & slide (x10 IC) and arm circles.
  • We headed back across the lot and across Poplar Tent to the medical plaza parking lot.

The Thang:  The Ring of Fire  

  • Ring 1:  The stations: Jump rope, Box jumps, Squats, Lunges, Bend-over row with concrete block, Law mower pull with kettlebell, arm curls with block, Merkins, Al Gores, Skull crushers with concrete block, Should presses with concrete block, Rope ladder with football/Heisman moves.  Each pax started at a station, with the the pax serving as the timer running a lap around the building, then rotate so each pax got a turn at each station.
  • Ring 2:  A group of four exercises.  Each pax did and stayed in one routine, while a timer did a declining ladder of SSHs.  It went like this:  LBCs (SSH timer x20), Planks (SSH x15), WWIIs (SSH x10), Merks (I think), (SSH x5)
  • Ring 3:  In front of the busy, Poplar Tent Rd, a round or two of Humpers. #1 Everybody get into the Monkey Humper position and hold it, while the timers did 10 Monkey Humpers.  #2. Widen our stance into the Gorilla Humper, hold while timers did 10 Gorilla Humpers.
  • Rings 4, 5, 6:  Repeato.  Similar to rings 1-3.  The only change on ring 1 was the timer did a bear crawl around the pax ring.


  • Dying cockroaches (x10 IC), Freddie Mercs (x10 IC) and some stretching exercises to close out the hour.

Prayers, Praises, Announcements

  • Hokey Pokey’s mom doing a lot better, thanks for the prayers, keep them coming
  • The Guthrie family for their loss of Gina (wife and mom of two) funeral is today
  • The Gremlin, next Saturday. (no beat downs next Sat at MeCa AOs) :
  •    Pre-Blast:
  •    Sign-up:

It was an honor being the Q today.  Always a blast, but even more exciting to have a dozen pax come out on a chilly morning.

In His Service,



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