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F3 MeCa | January 27, 2021

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Pulling one from the archives

  • When: 01/11/19
  • QIC: ReRun
  • The PAX: Kojak, Hop Hunter, Talladega, 4wide, Buck, Pharaoh, SS Minnow, Bullseye, Sausage, Habs, Mayflower, Submarine, Rosin, ReRun, Torch, Uecker, Terrible Towel, Yellowcake, Spauldini

YHC signed up last week to lead today, realized yesterday that the ole brain between the ears wasn’t feeling very creative so to the archives it went. What better way to get in plenty of reps and running then good ole fashioned suicides. Pre-blast on @channel called for more numbers than @Talladega was able to call out Wednesday, but YHC had big shoes to fill to beat 21. I guess 19 defeats of the iron sheets was strong enough! No FNG’s, short mosey to top of parking lot, circle up for disclaimer then the pain began:

-SSHx20 IC

-ISTx20 IC

-Cotton Pickersx20 IC

Already in position, here we go:

Round 1- 10 reps each line- merkins, diamond merkins, hand release merkins, staggerhand merkins, wide hand merkins

Round 2 – 15 reps each line – squats, lunges (15 per leg), 180 jump squat, sumo squats, mary katherines (15 per leg)

Round 3 – 20 reps each line- RBC, LBC, WWIIs, low dolly, dying cockroach

Round 4 – burpees, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Round 5 – 15 reps each line – CDDs, plank jack, Mt. Climbers, Hillbillies, 30 SSH

Round 6 – Partner up, both partners in plank facing each other, both plank walk in tandem for 5 steps, 3 hand slap merkins, plank walk 5 more steps, 3 hand slap merkins, repeato to line 1 then back to curb. @Hop Hunter laying on the sidewalk, he’d had enough.

Mosey back to cars for Mary:

-20 low flutter IC

-20 box cutters IC



-The Gremlin  01/19

-Winter Gala, 01/26

-Sign up for Spartan race (sometime in April)

Prayer requests:

-Continued recovery for Hokie Pokies mom

-Comfort for Gutherie family

-Unfortunate/misguided youth involved in violence

Props to Submarine for logging 4 posts in his first week! Tons of #noquit! Keep up the good work, it will get easier!

It was a pleasure to lead as always. The PAX numbers posting this week shows the true will and determination of men dedicated to bettering themselves. We all hold each other accountable and YHC will only strive to get better not only in the gloom but in all other areas of my life. I’m proud to say that this group has been a big part of that. Keep fighting the fight men!



Kirk Schultz

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