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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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Give me Fifftee

  • When: 1/11/19
  • QIC: Catfish
  • The PAX: Gunny, Cupid, Gooney, Scout, Trick Daddy, Sir Topham, G-Vegas, Red Oak, Silver Back, Depends (Rooster’s friend from Greenville North), Fire Chicken, Chicken Strip and Grandmaster

15 Wonderful Fellas showed for a cool 27 degree competition workout

Warmup:  Mosey to Flag circle at Ktown City Hall for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies, 2 10 count TP Hamstring Stretches

Thangs:  Give me Fifftee – Pax broke into 7 teams of 2 (Grandmaster because of bad hammy ran with teams) in race around the Horseshoe

4 Workout Locations where placed around Horseshoe with each showing a 50 Count (Team adds their reps) Exercises

Race Starts:        Horseshoe Bottom – 50 WWIIs

Top Left – 50 Peter Parkers

Top Center – 50 Star Jumps

Top Right – 50 Burpees (Yes this one wasn’t fun)

Repeato until time called – Team who completes the most wins

Mary: (Led by Rooster)  Hello Dollies, Homer to Marge, Low Flutter, Plank Mix

Moleskin:  Q was super excited to see large group after a placed cones around Horseshoe and arrived at AO. Sir Topham showed his manhood by layering up even though he had expressed his concerns on slack.  Backdraft decided to stay in truck stop bathroom enjoying the heat.  G Vegas making good on New Year resolution to be more deliberate in his presence.  Silverback made it back to the gloom and Q saw Scout but for some reason didn’t here him utter a sound.  Met Red Oak for the first time, he is a tip notch guy.  I got to ask many questions during our run couldn’t tell if he liked Q’s chatter.  We discovered Gooney is very proud of the Red Fire Trucks in Raleigh, please nobody tell him they are normally that color.  Q had Pax pick poker chips to determine teammates and lady luck placed Rooster & Fire Chicken together a 2nd time.  Q didn’t have any bear crawls so this race was a dusting.  Their team finished a complete station ahead of myself/Red Oak followed closely by Gunny/Cupid.  To make the beating worse the station they were ahead was the 50 burpees.  Q with a smile waited until the completed burpees before calling Mary J  On a side note Gunny and Cupid’s team was a combined age of 105!!  #CrushingIt  Coffeteria was great, don’t forget Q-Source after Gooney’s Q tomorrow.

Respectfully yours,  Catfish

Fire Chicken

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