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F3 MeCa | June 19, 2019

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Burpee Mile – First 2019 Edition

  • When: 01/10/2019
  • QIC: Brinkley
  • The PAX: Glock, Gordo, Pavarrotti, Sully, Buffalo Bill, #1, Blacksheep, Sandman, Nextdoor, Disaster. Ruckers – Nanny, Kleanup, Barrister, Hugo, Sparky

11 PAX braved the cold to come out for the first running of the Burpee Mile in 2019.  It has been a while since the last one (March 2018) so the PAX had some eager anticipation as was evidenced by the lack of mumblechatter as we moseyed to the upper parking lot by the track after the disclaimer was given.  On the mosey YHC threw in some exercises to loosen the legs up for the main event including high knees, gluteus maximus kicks, Stoli skips, toy soldiers and hackey sacks.  At the upper parking lot we circled up for –


  • SSH x17
  • Hill Billies x17
  • Mountain Climbers x17
  • Windmill x17
  • Forward and rear hurdlers x5 for each leg to loosen up the hips


Mosey to track for Burpee Mile –

  • The Burpee Mile – 4 laps around the track and 40 burpees. It is up to each individual how they want to break this down.  Official clock on the card table at the finish line. Times are recorded as you finish on the clipboard using the lighted pen by battery powered lantern light.  Once completed and breathing back to normal plank and cheer on your brothers.
  • The WW2 Sit Up Mile – Partner up based on finishing times (1&2, 3&4, etc). Same concept as the burpee mile with 80 WW2 sit ups by each partner.  Team decision how best to break them down so partners can run together.  Once done group lunges until everyone finished.

Gather up the props, walk down the hill, deposit said props in Q’s truck, mosey back to Mary.


  • Low Flutter x17
  • Mason Twist x17



  • Thanks @Disaster for switching Q’s with me from last week.  The Burpee Mile is not as much fun in inclement weather.
  • @Glock showed that all the running last year is paying off.  He smoked the field by over a minute and poster the fastest non @Google time in the history of the Highlands Burpee Mile.
  • Strategies varied with many of the PAX choosing to knock out a bunch of Burpees to start then settling into a running rhythm for a couple laps.  Others chose to break up the Burpees into small bites stopping to knock out a few every few hundred yard or so.
  • Was interesting having the group of Rucker’s and their assortment of blinky lights amongst us on the track today.  Appreciated the words of encouragements as we ran.
  • Results are age adjusted to account for the fact that running performance generally deteriorates after age 35.  There are a number of studies out there but this one indicates that this deterioration averages 2 second/mile per year –
  • Final results –
Name Age Time Adjustment Adjusted Time
Glock 50 8:54 30 8:24 PR
Gordo 46 10:08 22 9:46  
Brinkely 56 10:33 42 9:51
Pavarotti 47 10:27 24 10:03  
Sully 53 10:40 36 10:04
Buffalo Bill 38 11:20 6 11:14
#1 57 12:06 44 11:22
Blacksheep 48 12:28 26 12:02  
Sandman 54 12:45 38 12:07
Nextdoor 42 13:00 14 12:46
Disaster 50 13:20 30 12:50
  • PR’s are for those who have run the Burpee Mile more than once.
  • The second partner mile gave an opportunity for some F2 and provides a nice cooldown after the main event.
  • Great effort by everyone.  Heard a lot of grunting during the Burpees and heavy breathing during the running.
  • Announcements:
    • No speed tomorrow.  Head over to Skywalker for @Kool Aid’s return to action.
    • Next Tuesday marks the 10-year anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson.  Sully will be leading the beatdown to commemorate the occasion.
    • Sign up for the Gremlin and F3 Gala.


  1. Pavarotti

    Ahhh, the Burpee mile is always a good time. Thx for leading and for teaming up on the second mile.

  2. @brinkley – thanks for doing this. When is the next one going to be?

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